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Insanely Cheap Flights

We are all aware of how frustrating it can be when we book a holiday only to realise that the cost of a round-trip flight nearly breaks the bank. As prices continue to rise (especially during the height of the tourist season), we believe that we are forced to pay exorbitant rates simply in order to cram ourselves into a coach seat better suited for cattle than for humans. Let's do way with this aggravation and take a look at some great ways to save money on your next flight.

Comparison Sites

First off, use the Internet to your advantage. There are dozens of comparison sites that can help you save loads of cash.

Were you aware that you might be able to reduce your overall booking fees by as much as 20 per cent?

Still, using the top portals is generally the best idea. Some great websites to visit include Skyscanner and Expedia. However, there is a decent trick to keep in mind. Don't always take the first price you see as the most relevant. Keep checking back at different times; the ticket fees can change drastically.

When to Book Cheap Flights

It should already be obvious that busier times of the year such as during the summer and around the holidays are normally associated with higher prices. If possible, choose off-season tickets.

ALWAYS purchase your tickets well in advance of your departure date (at least one month). One sure-fire way to get charged an arm and a leg is to wait until the last minute.

Last Minute?

Speaking of last minute, there is a specific time when you might actually be able to benefit from a short-term reservation. Many airlines will allow you to choose sudden booking. This essentially means that if someone suddenly cancels their flight, you will be contacted to fill the seat. Although this may not exactly be the best option if you are bringing the family along, last-minute bookings are great if you fly solo.

Clearing Your Cache

If you visit any airline site, be sure to clear your cache before returning. Believe it or not, they will increase the rates for return customers! While this may not exactly be fair, clearing your browser history is a great way to beat big business!


A final sneaky trick is to visit the Japanese Expedia portal. Why is this the case?
You will be quoted prices in yen! This is great, for you will note that the conversion from yen to pounds will save you tonnes of money.
However, this might not always work and it is a good idea to make sure that you are receiving a fair discount before booking cheap flights in this manner.

With a bit of foresight and by avoiding playing by the rules of the airlines, it is always possible to save time and money when booking these cheap flights. The world indeed awaits!