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Grab a Flight with a New Phone

Wherever you're going away this year, don't forget to grab your phone and get ready to take the perfect picture with your loved ones.

These days, most companies do not charge roaming charges if you're abroad which is great. It means you won’t spend a penny surfing the internet or uploading your latest adventure onto your Instagram story.

Take the Perfect Picture

These days, most phones have the latest and greatest cameras you could get! So, you don't need to worry about getting film for your camera if it’s about to run out or running around the airport trying to find the right memory card to fit. Nowadays, you must show your face to the phone and it will open onto your camera. You can get the perfect picture of a beautiful sunset, a selfie on the beach or even take pictures of your dinners each night. Wherever you go away, the latest phone will be the best camera quality, so you can take excellent snap shots that require no kind of editing and look back on the memories of some of the most fun holidays you have had.

The iPhone XS is the all new phone from Apple, with incredible new and innovative features. The camera on the iPhone XS has been updated with a brand-new bionic chip, along with an image signal processor to improve the picture quality. Along with the outstanding picture quality, Apple have included a Smart HDR, which is meant to enhance shadow and highlight detailed areas of the photo. This brand-new camera feature is great if you are about to travel on your holidays and want to take the perfect snaps of your trip.

If you are planning on booking your holiday soon and want to upgrade to the latest technology, check out the brand-new features the iPhone XS has to offer.

New Features

  • True Depth Camera, with advanced Face ID
  • 5.8” and 6.5” super retina OLED display
  • Wider stereo sound, plus stereo recording
  • Better battery life
  • 12MP Dual cameras with duel OIS
  • All new sensor
  • Smart HDR
  • Portrait mode with Depth Control
  • Brand new gold finish
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Most durable glass ever
  • Extended dynamic range in video