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Airport Parking

Airport Parking: Planning Ahead to Get the Best Deal

A journey will not necessarily end once you reach the airport itself.  There are many times when you would need to utilise nearby parking facilities.  To either drop off a before your trip or to leave a rental vehicle when you arrive to the destination.  Airport parking structures are the best, safest and most convenient ways to make sure that transportation is there when you need it the most.  Let's look at some individual airports and the parking services offered.  We will then go through the proper booking steps.


Due to the size of Heathrow Airport, there re both short- and long-term parking structures found directly within the facilities.  Additionally, other privately owned lots such as MBW Parking and Drivefly Limited are found only moments away.  The major parking facilities are located next to terminals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Those who book in advance at this airport can save as much as 60 per cent off of the standard price.  Parking is available at both the north and the south terminal.  Short- and long-term times are options as well.  Commuter parking lots as well as locations with electric charging points are available.  There are likewise locations specifically designed for motorbikes.


Stanstead Airport offers two different on-site parking sections.  One is intended for short stays while the other deals with medium-term bookings.  Both are found within the property.  However, we should note that long-term stays can be secured as well.  There is also a “meet and greet” parking service for those who may not be entirely familiar with the ways that the terminals are situated.


Manchester offer short, medium and long-term parking facilities.  Some of these are multi-tiered structures.  A meet and greet service is also offered here.  Professionals will park the vehicle as well as provide a shuttle service to the main terminals.  Shuttle buses are available 24 hours a day.


Long-stay and fast-track parking services are available at Liverpool Airport.  A multi-story building is intended for those who need to park for up to a maximum of 24 hours.  Passengers being dropped off or picked up can also use two additional car parks found quite close to the terminals.  Shuttle services are frequent; ranging from every two to twenty minutes (depending upon the location).


There are six different car parks found at Birmingham Airport as well as a meet-and greet option for those who may be in a hurry.  Free shuttle buses run every ten minutes and premiere facilities (car parks 1, 2, and 3) offer other advantages such as CCTV cameras, no extra fees and security patrols.  All parking sites are located within the airport although third-party facilities can be located nearby as well.

How to Book a Reservation

Most (if not all) airports provide online booking options.  This is highly recommended for two reasons.  First, booking in advance will guarantee that a spot is available upon your arrival.  Additionally, pre-booking can save a great deal of money when compared to securing a spot once you have reached the terminal.  Another recommended option is to utilise the benefits of third-party sites such as Travel Supermarket to compare the best prices (especially if you plan on using a private company).  Features such as the location of the site, the type of security offered (cameras and patrols) and the length of your stay should always be taken into account.

This checklist is intended to enable you to find the most agreeable parking sites for any upcoming trip.  Knowing such facts in advance is a great way to save even more money!