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Val Thorens

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a very popular skiing destination located within the heart of the Tarentaise Valley. Like many other portions of the French Alps, Val Thorens is blessed with a truly massive number of slopes; ideal for both beginners and those with a great deal of experience. We should also note here that there are no less than 600 kilometres of piste. Val Thorens therefore holds the honour of being the largest linked skiing destination in the world. Let's take a closer look at what visitors can expect to enjoy upon their arrival.

Nothing but the Best Skiing

Due to the sheer size of Val Thorens, there will never be an issue in regards to finding a slope. Another interesting feature of this location is that the majority of its slopes are naturally configured in such a way as to be in the shade throughout most of the year. Even when other locations have melted, Val Thorens will remain in good condition. This also slightly extends the skiing season. Val Thorens is normally active between the middle of November until late May.

What is in Store?

Val Thorens offers a wide variety of skiing conditions based around the needs of the visitor. 25 slopes can be used by beginners while 27 are intended for those with an intermediate amount of experience. Eight runs are fashioned for expert skiers. There are four different terrain parks located here as well as an impressive 31 lifts. The base elevation of Val Thorens stands at 1,850 metres while the highest point is 3,220 metres. In terms of skiing, both Pointe du Bouchet and Cime de Caron can be accessed. Each is more than 3,000 metres tall.


Thanks to the fact that we have seen above, it should come as no surprise that Val Thorens is thought to be the most popular skiing location in all of France. In fact, more than 70 per cent of all of its visitors arrive from foreign countries. This location is also home to professional competitions such as the SFR Slopestyle Tour and the FIS Skier X World Cup. Other well-known parks located only a short distance away include Les Arcs, La Plagne, Val d'Isere and Tignes.

Summer Fun

We should also not fail to mention that Val Thorens is also quite amazing during the summer months. At one time, there were few spots open for summer skiing and these were ultimately closed in 1989. Now, the village itself is a picturesque destination for those who are looking to beat the heat (the base of the village is still 2,300 metres above sea level) as well as to experience traditional French culture and cuisine.

Whether you are a first-time skier or a season expert, the fact of the matter is that the benefits of Val Thorens have to be seen to be believed. As with any popular resort, it is always wise to book any tickets well in advance of a departure date.