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La Plagne

La Plagne

Located within the famous Tarentaise area of France, La Plagne is currently the most popular ski resort in the world. It is estimated that this destination is frequented by well over 2.5 million visitors each and every year. Not only is La Plagne easier to arrive to than some other destinations, but the sheer variety of courses and slopes has allowed it to appeal to a very wide audience. From novices and intermediate skiers to black diamond enthusiasts, this location indeed has something for everyone. If you are planning a trip here, it is a good idea to take a bit of a closer look at what you can expect to enjoy.

The Ski Area Itself

La Plagne is generally found at elevations between 1,250 metres and 3,250 metres. In terms of the size of the location itself, this massive resort offers an incredible 100 square kilometres to enjoy. There are 225 kilometres of slopes in total. Out of this number, 15 are intended for experts, 30 are for advanced skiers, 72 are ideal for those with an intermediate level of experience, and 10 are perfect for beginners. There are two different cable cars to reach the variety of pistes here. In fact, one of these cars travels as fast as 40 kilometres per hour. This is one of the most efficient transit systems in the world today in regards to ski resorts.

The Resorts

One of the most interesting features of La Plagne is that there are an incredible 11 resorts to choose from. Many of these are considered to be small “villages” as opposed to commercial resorts, so be ready to enjoy a relaxing experience upon your arrival. The first was built as far back as 1961 and over the years, more were constructed in order to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to this location. The last was commissioned and opened in 1990. Each is located at a different elevation and near specific types of trails. So, one may be suited for beginner skiers while specific resorts are more intended to cater to the needs of black diamond professionals. According to local figures, there are now 53,437 beds across all nine resorts. This makes La Plagne accessible even during the height of the tourist season. Incidentally, this season tends to run between late October and early May. Although no skiing is possible in the summer, many will instead choose to arrive here and experience the rolling green hills, the excellent cuisine and the many small villages interspersed throughout the region.

Bobsleigh Runs as Well

In addition to skiing, families have a chance to experience a bobsleigh run that is 1,500 metres long. There are also opportunities to rent one of these vehicles yourself. If you particularly keen on speed, it may be better to opt for a rental with a professional driver. You can experience velocities as fast as 100 kilometres per hour on occasion!

These are some of the most attractive benefits associated with La Plagne ski resort. While accommodations here are generally available, it is still best to book reservations in advance in order to avoid hefty short-term rates.