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Top 5 Hotels in Miami

The Best Miami Hotels for Fun in the Sun

Known for its warm waters, agreeable climate and some of the best beaches known to man, Miami is truly a slice of paradise which has fallen down to earth.  Millions of tourists from all across the globe make it a point to migrate here; particularly during the dreary months of autumn and winter.  Although there are literally hundreds of different hotels to choose from, there are some who are satisfied with nothing but the most luxurious of properties.  Let us therefore have a quick overview of the top five hotels found within Miami, the amenities that are in store and what you can expect upon your arrival.

The Setai Miami Beach

Those who are looking for a top-of-the-line hotel and resort simply cannot go wrong when staying at the Setai.  Of course, one of the perks of choosing this location has to do with its seaside views.  The Setai is found only minutes from Miami Beach.  This will help you to avoid traffic as well as the throngs of tourists.  However, how this property is situated is only the beginning.  

The 85 different rooms are the signature of luxury.  Each is fashioned with beautiful teak hardwood floors and a `particularly open design is perfect for those who are arriving with a group of friends.  Still, the warm and intimate nature of these suites is just as suited for couple taking a romantic getaway.  Starting at 600 square feet, guests can choose suites as large as 3,500 square feet. Immaculately designed bathrooms, king-sized beds and 22-inch flat screen televisions are but a handful of the advantages that you can expect to enjoy.

There is nothing left to desire in terms of the additional features that are available to all guests. A large open-air pool, a pampering spa and a complete fitness centre are able to offer just the right amount of rest and relaxation during your stay.  In fact, these pools are located directly on the beach for an even further sense of added convenience.

W South Beach

The “W” in W South Beach is an acronym for the company name as well as its general location.  Opened in 2009, this hotel offers 312 rooms within 20 floors for your enjoyment.  One unique aspect is that nearly all of these rooms offers a view of the ocean.  Other hotels are situated in such a way that this would be nearly impossible.  Each room is likewise provided with a large terrace for anyone who wishes to catch a few rays while avoiding the beach during the height of the tourist season.  Another interesting note is that the W South Beach seems to have incorporated a unique European flavour into its design; even the elevators are labelled “lifts”.  This can add a touch of home from those who may be travelling from the United Kingdom.  These are a few of the many reasons why the hotel has won so many prestigious Oyster Awards since its inception.

The rooms are also very organic and natural.  This is an excellent alternative in relation to the Art Deco and modernist designs which tend to typify the Miami area.  A large central room boasts two flat-screen televisions that are equipped with BOSE surround sound.  Watching a movie in luxury has never been more of a reality. All beds are topped with 310-count Egyptian linen.  When awaking in the morning, you will be pleased to know that a sub-zero refrigerator, a Hamilton coffee maker and a microwave are all within arm's length.  Even if you have to call down for their excellent levels of room service, heating up your breakfast could not be easier.

Although the beach is only a short distance away, there are many more convenient spots found within the radius of this hotel.  Many chic boutiques and shopping centres can be accessed as well as a trendy restaurant known as The Dutch (Andrew Carmellini is the master chef).  A 24-hour convenience store is another added bonus for a late-night snack.  Drivers within the hotel are also able to provide a free drop-off service to areas in and around South Beach.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort has come to partially define the Miami skyline.  It is equipped with a full 243 rooms of pleasure; ideal for those who may be concerned in regards to making reservations within the height of the tourist season.  Owing to the fact that many will be arriving here with children, there is a nursery, a playground and a day care centre which are all perfect if the parents want to hit the beach or cruise the streets of South Beach.  Speaking of the beach, food and drink services are provided directly from the hotel.  It should be noted that these will cost an extra fee, as they are not complimentary.

The large and lavish rooms are complimented by large balconies for an unparalleled view of the ocean.  It is said that the sunsets from these vantage points are stunning to behold.  Free wireless Internet is included as standard within each room and the opulent simplicity will keep people coming back for more.  Although ideal for families, there is also an adults-only section of the hotel.  So, anyone who plans on celebrating their honeymoon in Miami should definitely consider this hotel.

The Art Deco style of this hotel is accented with all of the modern amenities that we have come to expect.  A massive spa, two restaurants, two infinity-style pools and two high-end two bars are able to cater to nearly any need imaginable.  On-call butler services (24 hours a day) and a newly installed fitness centre are some of the other advantages to be experienced at the St. Regis Bal Harbour.

The Four Seasons Miami

While tot embracing the shores of the Atlantic Ocean the down town location of The Four Seasons Miami is an added convenience for guests who wish to experience the nightlife of this eclectic city.  However, a large outdoor pool and ample exterior space will still provide patrons with the comfort and privacy that they desire.   221 rooms may not be as many as some other locations, but this number is offset by the sheer style and personal touches that the staff offers its guests.

Some will consider the rooms here to be a bit Spartan, but they can be ideally suited for those who do not have the money to spend on the top-end locations.  However, each is very clean and equipped with numerous creature comforts.  These include flat-screen televisions, a minibar, a turn-down service twice a day, luxury bathrooms, terry cloth robes and marble tubs.  It is clear that the hotel has attempted to provide everything that its guests desire.

The Miami Mandarin Oriental

This large chain is synonymous with luxury, and the Miami Mandarin Oriental is no different.  It is found near Brickell Bay; a much more tranquil location when compared to other areas near Miami Beach itself.  Its 326 rooms offer a contemporary flavour and they are quite spacious.  It can be observed that (appropriate to the name) the décor has been inspired by the Asian culture and this attention to detail is likewise reflected in features such as goose down bedding, oriental toiletries, marble fittings and large beds.  Although the balconies are somewhat narrow, the proximity to the beach more than makes up for this one hiccup.

An on-site restaurant serves up tasty Peruvian cuisine although the chefs are just as able to address international tastes.  A three-level spa is another wonderful feature; such an amenity is not often found in even the largest of properties.  Nearby private beaches with cabana rentals are a welcome break from the norm while an outdoor pool offers unspoiled views of famous Biscayne Bay.  The Mandarin Oriental is another impressive hotel that should not be missed.