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Top 5 Hotels in Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Hotels

Commonly referred to simply as “LA”, the City of Angels should be visited at least once in a lifetime.  Have you decided to take the leap and see sights such as Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills and Disneyland?  If so, you will not be disappointed.  It is often said that the only way to visit Los Angeles is to experience to top luxury hotels that it has to offer.  Assuming that you have the funds (or that you might in the future), what are the best spots and what do they have in store?  We will now take a look at the top five hotels and how they have set the bar higher in terms of style and comfort.  You could very well find that you will never want to leave once you have checked in!

The Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills: A Four Seasons Hotel

Whether or not you realise it, you have likely already seen this hotel.  If you and a significant other have ever watched the movie Pretty Woman, this hotel was featured in numerous scenes.  Although you do not have to be Richard Gere or Julia Roberts to rent a room, it does help to have a bit of cash available. The Beverly Wilshire is also thought to be the most expensive hotel in all of Los Angeles.  

Modelled after the Italian Renaissance, this property boasts no less than 395 opulent rooms.  Recent renovations include a one-of-a-kind spa and a steakhouse (a typically American term) that is styled after master chef Wolfgang Puck.  While a bit pricey, the Beverly Wilshire is also known to be one of the friendliest hotels in the city; a welcome departure from more “stuffy” locations.

If you are concerned in terms of comfort related to price, one look at the rooms will put your mind at ease. 400-thread-count sheets and bathrooms comprised of pure Italian marble are only two of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy.  The staff is very friendly and are more than able to cater to your every need.  This property may very well be the best in Los Angeles (and one of the finest in the world).

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

This hotel is located within the upscale Bel Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles and once again, no expense is spared in terms of style and opulence.  Staff boast that it is the one and only “oasis” within Los Angeles; a quality that perhaps lives up to its name.  One interesting fact is that The Peninsula only opened its doors during the 1990s.  While this property may not have as much of a history as other locations, such youth does not detract from its overall appeal.

In terms of The Peninsula, its location should be mentioned.  It is conveniently found within the heart of the Bel Air region and as the high-end shopping district of Rodeo Drive is only a few minutes away on foot, feel free to splurge during your stay.  Still, its grounds are quite private and are excellent ways to avoid the hustle and bustle that this area is known for.

You can expect amenities such as lavishly decorated rooms, 24-hour business centres, free wireless Internet, Excellent dining at The Belvedere, a bar and lounge, a massive outdoor swimming pool and even inclusive use of a Rolls-Royce chauffeur.  Should you be satisfied with nothing less than the very best, The Peninsula could be just what you desire.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Unsurprisingly, Beverly Hills has once again made the list.  The aptly named Beverly Hills hotel is truly a world unto its own.  As it was constructed in 192, you can fully expect an Art Deco décor to dominate and you will be happy to know that little has changed since this time.  A pool with numerous cabanas to a rather signature banana leaf wallpaper are some of the features which have served to define this property.  As it has 204 rooms and it is situated on an impressive 12 acres of land, you can expect privacy and discretion during your entire stay.

As with other hotels, you are only minutes away from the fashionable district of Rodeo Drive.  You might also be interested to learn that the Beverly Hills Hotel is famous as being the favourite spot for numerous celebrities.  Do not be surprised if you witness a few well-known faces during your stay.  Whether they come here for the impeccable service or to dine at the world renowned Polo Lounge, you are sure to enjoy your stay as much as the rich and famous.

Another interesting fact is that this location has changed hands over the years.  It is currently owned by the Sultan of Brunei, so you can be assured that luxury is never second best when staying here.  

Terranea Resort

Are you looking to stay a bit outside of the city?  If so, Terranea Resort could very well be a great choice.  This hotel is one of the largest of its kind in the entire state.  Offering you a choice of 582 rooms and nestled within a property of 100 acres, privacy is never a concern.  Such an immense size also enables activities such as a nine-hole golf course and three large pools to fit comfortably within its confines.

Besides the natural splendour, the in-house amenities are not to be overlooked.  Five different restaurants can be chosen; each catering to unique culinary needs.  A luxury spa, a large business centre and a location within the Ranchos Palos Verdes are all dreams come true.  Transportation is offered to and from the city although it is likely that you might want to remain here and absorb all of the experiences that are offered.  

A few other notable features here are the presence of a children's area (one of the only luxury hotels that offers such a service) and rooms which are large and open.  Whether you hope to enjoy a hike in the nearby woodlands, to soak up the sun next to the pool or to take a dip in one of the many luxury hot tubs, Terranea Resort should not be missed.

The London West Hollywood

The London West Hollywood rounds out our list.  One feature which separates this property from its contemporaries is that it is thought to offer great value for your money; ideal if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend.  However, rooms of no less than 750 square feet will make you feel as if you are a king or a queen.  There are 200 rooms to choose from.

The restaurant here should not be missed, as it was opened by Gordon Ramsey himself.  The food and service are both understandably impeccable and there can be times when dinner is included within the price of a standard reservation (during the off season, naturally).  Be sure not to miss the lounge here for a laid-back experience and to experience the live music that plays nearly every night of the week.

There are other amenities to appreciate in regards to the London West Hollywood.  A rooftop pool will provide you excellent views of the Los Angeles skyline as well as the famous Hollywood sign.  This is a perfect spot to grab a few photos during your stay.  Wet bars, private balconies, imported Italian linen and first-class service are some other features which should never be left out in any review. 

These are five of the most stunning and unforgettable hotels within Los Angeles.  Of course, there are countless other luxury properties which should be explored based upon your price range and their availability.   Just be sure to make any reservations well in advance; especially if you plan on visiting during the spring or summer.  When you wish to leave nothing to chance, any one of these options can be a great choice.