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Lanzarote Hotels

Lanzarote Hotels

Lanzarote is the easternmost island found within the Spanish chain of Canary Islands.  It is currently inhabited (as of the last census) by over 140,000 residents.  It shares its size and popularity with other locations such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife.  However, its slightly lesser-known status has enabled it to be quite popular for tourists who still hope to experience all that these islands have to offer while avoiding the masses of visitors which are often seen during the spring and summer months.  As Lanzarote is also known for its accommodations, it is wise to take a look at some of its hotels.

The Top Lanzarote Hotels

The majority of hotels found on this island are located quite close to the beach.  This should only be apparent, for the azure blue waters of the warm Atlantic are quite attractive to all guests.  A handful of properties which have become quite famous over the years includes:

  • Hesperia Lanzarote
  • Arrecife Gran Hotel and Spa
  • Dream Gran Castillo Resort
  • Villa VIK Hotel
  • Alondra Villas and Suites

Please note that notwithstanding Hesperia, the best properties are boutiques as opposed to chains.  This is important for two reasons.  First, rooms could be slightly more available during the busier seasons (tourists could perform online searches that include only the top chains).  Secondly, the prices themselves are likely to be lower.  This will still depend upon occupancy rates.

Budget Locations

There are also opportunities for those who may not have a great deal of money to spend during their stay.  Some low-price options include:

  • Playa Pocillos Apartments
  • Aparthotel Lanzarote Paradise
  • Hipotels Le Geria
  • Apartamentos Jable Bermudas

These are all budget options which should be considered but as always, booking in advance is an excellent way to find the best deals.  High occupancy rates are likely to be encountered during the height of the tourist season.  This brigs us to our next topic.

When to Visit and Book Reservations

Regardless of the time of year, it is prudent to make any reservations at least eight weeks in advance of an intended departure date.  Also, Lanzarote (and therefore its hotels) are quite busy between the months of May and September.  The prices are directly correlated to occupancy rates, so those looking for a bargain might be better choosing the off-season.  This occurs during the autumn and the winter. 

Before committing to any property, there may be possibilities to opt for a package holiday.  This could very well save a great deal of money although once again, booking well in advance is the best way to enjoy the most agreeable accommodations.

Lanzarote is indeed an unforgettable holiday destination.  Those who desire an escape from the rather drab locations in some parts of the word should always consider this island for their next excursion.  They will not be let down.