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Best Liverpool Hotels

The Top Liverpool Hotels

Liverpool is a city in north-west England famous for its football, its culture and its rich history.  While associated the the RMS Titanic, the truth of the matter is that the history of this city can be traced back to 1207.  Currently, this bustling port metropolis is home to a number of thriving businesses, a growing population and some of the most amazing hotels within the United Kingdom.  Are you planning to visit Liverpool in the near future?  If so, it is a great idea to take a quick look at the top five properties, what they have to offer and what you can expect to enjoy.  If money is not an option, you are indeed in for a treat!

The Signature Living Hotel

The Signature Living Hotel is found nestled within the heart of the centre of Liverpool and therefore, you will never have to worry about getting to all of the most popular spots within the city.  Although this location is known for its hen and stag parties, the truth of the matter is that there is much more in store than a fun night on the town.

This property is known for its attention to detail. From a concierge willing to cater to even the most discrete of needs to rooms which are immaculately prepared before your arrival, you can relax in knowing that your needs are always addressed.  For example, each room is equipped with a whirlpool bath, a complete kitchen and an area that is specifically designed to watch films.  Another great aspect of the rooms here is that they reflect specific themes such as Sex & The City, Breakfast at Tiffany's and even the movie The Hangover.  

An area known simply as The Vault Room provides all guests to party to their heart's content with such amenities as a fully stocked bar, a dance floor and a karaoke machine. Although this hotel may not be the best for those who are celebrating their 50th anniversary, it is an ideal option to enjoy a bit of fun during your stay.

Heywood House Hotel

This property is only two minutes from the James Street Railway Station; ideal if you plan on travelling during your stay.  It boasts all of the functionality of a modern hotel and yet, the staff here provide a superior attention to detail during your stay.  

You have a choice of three categories of rooms.  These are “standard”, “plush” and “balcony”.  So, there is a room to fit nearly any budget.  Regardless of the ultimate choice, you will be presented with nothing less than opulence and luxury.  Flat screen televisions, full kitchens, docking stations for your electronic equipment and free wireless Internet connections are all included as standard features.

It should also be noted that this location is considered to be one of the oldest surviving buildings in Liverpool.  It was first built in 1799 and has been currently occupied ever since.  This is a welcome addition for anyone who may be interested in regards to this history of this unique city.  

Hope Street Hotel

This boutique hotel is another great choice when visiting Liverpool.  As it is privately owned, the proprietors care a great deal about their guests. There are a number of rooms to enjoy including such options as king standard, king deluxe, studio configurations and normal suites.  There is also a penthouse suite for those who wish to enjoy superior views of the city.

This hotel is also defined by its ability to serve up a tasty selection of foods and drinks.  A restaurant known as The London Carriage Works is the only location that has earned a ranking of two AA rosettes in the entire city.  Not only is a sumptuous selection of food and drink served here, but the ambiance is well known for its laid-back appeal.  Whether you hope to enjoy a three-course meal or a snack before heading out, you are in good hands.

The Hope Street Hotel is also an excellent venue for both weddings and corporate events.  In fact, much of their business throughout the year is derived from such gatherings.  Two large conference rooms were formally opened in 2009 and amenities such as wireless Internet and advanced presentation technologies have made the Hope Street Hotel the go-to location for numerous formal and informal events.

Hotel Indigo

The first thing that you will note in regards to Hotel Indigo is its modernist exterior.  This is indicative of what its guests will experience.  As a member of the vaunted IHG group, luxury and customer-oriented services should be expected immediately upon your arrival.  It can be argued that one of the most interesting aspects of this location is the artistic use of colour which has gone into its design.  This can be seen from the multi-toned windows to the artwork found within its individual rooms.

Although Hotel Indigo is nestled within the very centre of Liverpool, the rooms reflect a spacious nature that hints at a more tranquil experience.  Extra thick windows further add to the sense of privacy to be enjoyed.  Extra-large beds, ample bathrooms and regularly changed linens will all provide guests with the illusion that they are staying at a five-star property.  

The amenities here are almost too various to mention.  Business services include (but are not limited to) email, Internet, fax, personal computers and scanners that are all available 24 hours a day.  There is also a massive health and fitness centre found within its confines; perfect to rest your body and recharge before setting out to experience the city.  Housekeeping and laundry are also included as standard. 

Z Hotel Liverpool

The Z Hotel should also be mentioned.  Many former guests have written rave reviews in terms of the friendliness of the staff in general.  When this is combined with extremely competitive prices, it is clear to see why the Z Hotel represents an affordable sense of luxury.

The rooms are categorised in quite a unique fashion.  These are:

  • The Z Inside Double
  • The Z Double
  • The Z Queen
  • The Z Superior Queen
  • The Z Accessible

Boasting a decidedly modernist appeal, you can expect to enjoy clean lines, light colours and a great deal of space.  The Z Hotel could therefore be the perfect option if you plan on travelling to Liverpool with your family.  It is just as impressive that these rooms start at only 35 pounds; significantly lower than many other properties which are seen as being just as visually stunning.

Besides the en suit amenities, The Z Hotel offers a unique feature known as t he Z Cafe.  This has done away with traditional room service. Instead, guests are encouraged to enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner that is truly a cut above the rest.  Although some could argue that the lack of room service is a bit of a downside, the fact of the matter is that the atmosphere within their dining environment more than makes up for this quirk.  There is also the possibility of ordering food to go.

Liverpool is indeed an amazing city.  With so many sights to choose from, it only makes sense to select the most amazing hotels within its confines.  Still, each property is defined by its costs as well as the budget of the traveller.  Booking ahead and making certain that rooms are available are the best ways to ensure that your stay will be unforgettable.