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Unforgettable New Zealand

Your Go-To Guide for Unforgettable New Zealand Holidays

Comprised of more than 600 individual islands, New Zealand is a large country location approximately 1,500 kilometres to the east of Australia and within the Tasman Sea.  As this island-nation is relatively isolated from the rest of the world, it has developed an entirely unique culture throughout the ages.  Not only is this an extremely attractive quality for tourists, but the fact that the two main islands (the North and the South) island enjoy truly amazing weather throughout the year has continued to lure visitors from all walks of life.  While there is no doubt that New Zealand is literally halfway around the world when compared to the United Kingdom, the destination is worth the journey.  So, let's take a look at what this country has to offer.

Travel Times and Flight Information

It first makes a great deal of sense to speak about the flight times associated with arriving to New Zealand from the United Kingdom.  While there are numerous airports situated throughout these islands, we will look at the largest in terms of passengers for the sake of this article.  The chances are high that you will be flying into Auckland Airport.  This hub served approximately 18 million passengers in 2016 and these numbers are expected to rise this year.  Some of the major carriers which operate out of Auckland Airport include:

Air New Zealand
American Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Jetstar Airways
United Airlines
Virgin Australia

You have likely noted that British Airways was not included within this list.  This is due to the fact that there are no direct flights from the United Kingdom.  You will require a layover within another city such as Los Angeles.  Therefore, the average travel time is just under 24 hours.  Please note that this will vary depending upon the schedule of your connecting flight.

The Main Attractions of New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some truly breathtaking attractions.  The nature here plays a predominant role, so it makes sense to cover this area first.  One extremely popular sight is Milford Sound.  Located on the southern island, you can expect amazing views of nearby mountain ranges as well as pristine stretches of sand.  Abel Tasman National Park is another must-see attraction, as the beaches here are punctuated by granite cliffs, hiking trails and forested hills.  Fjordland National Park is another spot to consider during your visit.  As the name suggests, the landscape here has been carved out of ancient glaciers and many feel that there is no other place like it on earth.  As this location is not far from Milford Sound, you can cover both locations within the same day if desired.

In terms of urban delights, there is perhaps no better way to experience the advanced nature of this country than by visiting the world famous Sky Tower.  This massive structure is 60 stories tall and it will provide you with panoramic views of Auckland as well as the surrounding areas.  We should also mention that both Christchurch and Auckland are known for their thriving shopping districts.  This can be a great way to pick up a handful of brand-name items or to purchase a few souvenirs during your stay. 

If you are into surfing or you simply enjoy the maritime environment, be sure to check out coastal locations such as the Bay of Islands, Raglan and Gisborne.  These are frequented by some of the best surfers in the world and even if you don't know how to swim, you can be sure to absorb the rays of the warm tropical sun.

Putting it All Together

Planning ahead is the key to enjoying your stay in New Zealand.  Please keep in mind that we have only mentioned but a handful of the hundreds of different attractions to be found here.  So, always be sure to perform a significant amount of research so that you will be able to plan your itinerary accordingly.  English is the predominant language, the people here are quite friendly and you might even make a few worthwhile contacts along the way.  Finally, be sure to book any reservations well in advance so that you can save even more money.