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The Paradise Known as Cancun

The Paradise Known as Cancun

In terms of the top spots for a holiday destination, the Mexican coastline of Cancun is definitely one of the most popular. Straddling the turquoise shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is on the north-eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and although its population is just over 700,000 residents, this number will vastly increase during the tourist season. From pristine beaches to luxury resorts and a scintillating nightlife, Cancun is certainly worth a closer look. How will you arrive here and what can you expect during your stay?

Flights to Cancun

By far, the most common way to arrive here is via Cancun International Airport (CUN). As this location catered to over 15 million visitors in 2015 alone, Cancun International Airport is a critical travel hub of Central America. It currently provides routes to over 30 locations within North America, South America and Europe. A handful of international carriers which utilise this airport include:

  • Air Berlin
  • Air Europa
  • Air France
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Thomson Airways

Regular flights from major airports such as London Heathrow make travelling here easy. The average flight time is just over nine hours (depending upon the exact route).

Cancun Beaches and More

There are many beaches here to visit and while the list can be altogether exhaustive, there are some which always tend to stand out. Playa del Delfines (Dolphin Beach) is said to offer the bluest of waters in the region. Several popular locations are found within what is known as the Hotel Zone although as expected, these tend to get quite crowded. Some other strips of white sand to enjoy are Playa Forum, Playa Chac Mool and Playa Tortugas (Tortoise Beach).

Cancun is a wonderful location to visit with the family. In recent times, a host of different parks and attractions have sprung up from what was mere jungle in the past. Examples such as the large aquarium at Xel-Ha Park and Xcarat Park are perfect to visit at any time of the year. There is also an interesting underwater museum which displays flora and fauna, artefacts and some amazing photographic opportunities. Journeying inland, small and private natural swimming pools known as “cenotes” are known for their mineral waters and an unrivalled sense of tranquillity. Sistema de Dos Ojos is an example here; offering snorkelling and diving opportunities. Guided jungle tours are likewise possibilities.

Finally, Cancun is known for its diverse nightlife and this is one motivating factor behind the influx of young American university students during each spring break. However, we should mention that the entire region is in a prime zone for the many hurricanes which sweep through the Caribbean nearly every year. To avoid inclement weather, it is best to visit after October and before June. This will also cut down on airfare while hotel prices are known to be slightly cheaper. Check out package holiday deals to save even more money while experiencing all that Cancun has in store!