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Thassos: A Prime Holiday Destination

Thassos: A Prime Holiday Destination

Thassos is a Greek island located in the northern portion of the Aegean Sea. Rich in forests and offering tranquil shores, this location is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Like many other Greek islands, Thassos has a rich history which can be traced back well before the Roman times. Another interesting fact is that this island is known for its geothermal springs and these pools of rejuvenating water have been noted throughout history. Unsurprisingly, they are still quite popular in modern times. The most lucrative industry here is tourism although agriculture is quite strong; the region being famous for its Thoruba olives (a particularly sweet variety). So, let us now take a look at some must-know facts for anyone who plans on visiting here in the future.

Flying to Thassos

We should first note that due to the relatively small size of this island, there is no airport located within its confines. Instead, visitors will use Kavala International Airport (KVA). This hub is found within the region of Nestos and approximately 50 minutes by aeroplane from Thassos. Some of the airlines which serve this terminal are:

  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Thomson Airways
  • SmartWings
  • Blue Air
  • Air Berlin

There are no direct flights to Thassos unless one wishes to travel to Athens International Airport and reserve a chartered route. However, many eastern European cities cater to this region. It is wise to book any fares in advance, as reserving a connection route could otherwise be expensive.

The Main Sights in and Around Thassos

Much like the other islands found within the Aegean Sea, Thassos is known for its spectacular beaches. The waters here are quite warm throughout most of the year and the shores themselves are very clean; many local stretches having earned the internationally recognised Blue Flag status. Some areas to note are Golden Beach, Metalia Beach and Elia Beach.

As mentioned previously, there is much history to be witnesses here. The ancient site of Limenas is arguably the most prominent. Citadel towers, and ancient amphitheatre and even the foundations of a temple to Athena can still be seen. There is also a nearby archaeological museum that displays artefacts and other items found over the years. A few other historical sites to visit include the Sanctuary of Athena, the Gate of Silenus, the Sanctuary of Pan and the Acropolis. Please note that all of these locations are within the confines of Limenas itself.

Finally, there are two harbours (one known as the Commercial Harbour and one referred to as the Military Harbour). Many local restaurants and pubs can be enjoyed; as the bulk of tourists tend to frequent these spots.

When to Visit

The weather here is agreeable throughout the year, so weather is rarely a concern. However, ticket prices can be higher during the summer months and it may be more difficult to find accommodations. Anyone on a budget or who may prefer tranquillity should instead consider arriving to Thassos between the months of October and April.