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Thailand Adventures

Thailand: The Jewel of Asia

Nestled between Burma to the west and Vietnam to the east, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations within south-east Asia, if not the world. This is partially due to its tropical climate and partially as a result of an interesting culture that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Famous for its countless beaches, its warm waters and some of the most eclectic cities on earth, millions of tourists will visit this region each and every year. What are some of the main aspects of this country that you should be aware of and which attractions tend to stand out above the rest? Let's address these two important questions in further detail.

Thailand: A Closer Look

Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, this country is home to an estimated 66 million people. This essentially signifies that Thailand is one of the most populous nations on the planet. Experts estimate that the entire region has been constantly inhabited since at least prehistoric times although Thailand and the surrounding nations were first discovered by westerners rather recently. The predominant religion within Thailand is Buddhism although other major sects such as Christianity and Islam are likewise present here. It is also interesting to note that while it has always been considered to be a rather traditional nation, Thailand first gained international prominence during the 1990s due to a massive influx of technology. It is now one of the world leaders in terms of electronic innovations and this title has enabled residents to enjoy a better quality of life than ever in the past.

The Beaches: The Best of the Best

There is no doubt that Thailand is home to some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet. This is also one of the main reasons why tourists from across the globe travel here throughout the year. As the country is quite close to the equator, even winters here tend to be warm (albeit with a significant amount of rain during the monsoonal season). Some of the top stretches of sand which are not to be missed include Thong Nang Pan Yai Beach, Freedom Beach and Krabi Beach. The reason that these beaches is particular are highlighted is that they re found quite close to major tourist resorts and quality hotels.

Thailand Attractions

While nature abounds throughout Thailand, the urban delights to be found here are just as impressive. Many will take advantage of the rather loose gambling laws and visit truly massive casinos with the hopes of winning it big. However, the culture here is just as important to keep in mind. Some top attractions include the Grand Palace, the luxurious resorts found upon the Phi Phi Islands, a Buddhist temple known as Wat Arun and the resort town of Patong. The most populous city is Bangkok and those who are looking to experience what can only be called a scintillating nightlife should be sure to visit this urban district.

When to Visit Thailand

As the weather here is warm throughout the year, there is no particularly wrong time to visit. However, the monsoonal season can bring heavy rain for weeks at a time and it is not uncommon for tropical cyclones to impact the region. Most tourists arrive here during the winter months (summer south of the equator), so it could be a better idea to plan a journey in the spring or the autumn. Regardless of when you hope to arrive, Thailand will welcome you with open arms. You might even meet a few like-minded travellers during your stay.