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Skiathos Holidays

Skiathos Holidays

Skiathos is small Greek island found within the northern portion of the Aegean Sea.  While it is only 6 kilometres wide, its beauty far supersedes such a diminutive size.  It is only inhabited by 6,000 residents and yet every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock here to enjoy what can be only be called some of the most immaculate beaches and stunning panoramic views in the world.  So, we can realistically state that Skiathos could very well be one of the best-kept secrets in the world.  Let us take a further look at why so many choose package holidays here.

Airports and Travel Information

Skiathos Island National Airport is the one and only local transportation hub found here.  However, we should note that this tends to serve only local and regional flights.    Most who arrive here will instead utilise the cities of either Athens or Thessaloniki for international flights.  They will then take a short charter flight to Skiathos itself.  It is therefore wise (for the sake of this text) to look at the major international carriers which service both Athens and Thessaloniki.  These include:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • Aer Lingus
  • British Airways
  • easyJet
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling
  • Swiss International

We should still note that many providers of package holidays will include flights between major cities and the island of Skiathos itself.  There could also be last-minute options for those who may be looking to save a bit of money.  As always, purchasing tickets well in advance can provide bargains and highly discounted rates.

Attractions on Skiathos

Sightseeing tours are quite popular here.  There are several natural attractions and a handful of truly unique historic sites.  Many will choose to visit the peninsula of Bourtzi  and explore an ancient fort while taking panoramic photos of the Aegean Sea.  The House of Pappadiamantis is another popular attraction, as it is a 19th-century villa which still contains most of its original (and luxurious) amenities. The castle of Skiathos is arguably the most well-known site here although during the height of the tourist season, it can be quite crowded.  No brief of this island would be complete without mentioning the amazing beaches to be encountered.  Be sure to visit Angeliki Beach, Kolios Beach and Troulous Beach.  The waters here are warm throughout the year and many locations possess the vaunted Blue Flag status in terms of their cleanliness.

Hotels and Accommodation

Both luxury and bargain hotels can be found on Skiathos.  Some of the top properties here are Kassandra Bay Resort & Spa, Princess Resort and Mystery Hotels.  There are additional boutique hotels which are located throughout the island for those who are seeking additional bargains.   Another excellent benefit is that this island can be visited throughout the year, as the climate is quite amenable.  Still, it may be best during the off season which occurs between September and April.  Skiathos is an excellent option for those who are looking for a break from the norm and still wish to experience all that Greece has to offer.