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Scintillating Singapore

Scintillating Singapore: Spend Your Summer in Style

Singapore is an island-country located in south-east Asia that is currently home to 5.6 million residents. Interestingly enough, you might be surprised to learn that Singapore is an archipelago. Its total land mass is comprised of 62 different islands and some of these are still relatively unexplored. This country is also known as one of the most attractive for those who are looking to experience a wealth of nature and since its independence, Singapore has increased in size by an impressive 23 per cent. Of course, the tropical climate and stunning beaches are also sights to behold. If you are planning a holiday here, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the main attractions.

The Best Beaches on the Planet?

Much like neighbouring nations, the you should always make it a point to visit the beaches to be found here. A handful of the most popular include Palawan, Tanjong, Siloso, Changi and Punggol. We should note here that some of these are found on individual islands while others are located upon mainland Singapore (the largest island of the same name). Thanks to a massive amount of development, the bulk of these shores offer luxurious hotels, modern amenities, bars and restaurants. There are nonetheless opportunities to take short excursions and find a few secluded spots.

Nature Amidst Urban Modernity

Singapore is also unique in the fact that some splendid examples of natural beauty live in synergy with the urban landscape. There are many parks to be enjoyed during your stay and these can be great options if you are arriving here with family. Some notable examples include the Singapore Night Safari, Sentosa Park, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and a water park aptly named Wild Wild Wet.

There are also opportunities to take guided excursions into the inland. The sheer variety of biodiversity found throughout these islands cannot be matched and this is another highly recommended activity. The 10-kilometres trail known as the Southern Ridges and the MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Nature Trail are all great ideas. Still, be prepared to plan your itinerary around such options; some require overnight stays and the last thing you desire is to feel rushed during a journey.

When to Visit Singapore

Like all tropical locations within the southern hemisphere, it is always important to take into account the monsoon season. As this location is notably hot, many prefer to visit between the months of November and March. While it is likely that you will experience a few rain showers, you will also be much more likely to beat the oppressive heat of the summer months. Another concern is the occasional typhoon that frequents this region. Unfortunately, the warm waters allow such storms to develop at potentially any time of the year. However, visiting from December through to February reduces your chances of getting rained out. As always, be sure to plan ahead to fully enjoy your stay at this amazing island-nation!