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Rhodes Holidays

Experiencing the Ancient Majesty of Rhodes

Rhodes is a large island found within the Aegean Sea and the capital of the island of the same name.  It is likely that you may already be slightly familiar with this name, as the region is famous for one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the Colossus of Rhodes.  While there is no evidence that such a massive structure still remains, there is no doubt that history of this island and surrounding regions is both rich and extremely diverse.  Whether this is your destination of choice or you are planning to briefly stop here while on a tour of the Aegean Islands, it is always a good idea to look at some travel information as well as what sights are worth a closer look.

Travel Information from London to Rhodes

Rhodes is served by three large airports but only one of these caters to international travellers.  Rhodes International Airport (sometimes referred to as Diagoras International Airport) is the main terminal for those who will be arriving directly from an overseas territory.  Some of the main carriers which operate out of this location include:

Aegean Airlines
British Airways
Brussels Airlines

The approximate flight time between here and London is between 7 and 8 hours.  This is due to the fact that there are no no-stop routes currently offered.  Please make a note of this when planning your itinerary.

The Main Attractions of Rhodes

While the original Colossus or Rhodes may be long gone, this does not signify that you are unable to get an up-close-and-personal look at a realistic replica.  The modern Colossus of Rhodes is a towering bronze sculpture which is meant to depict the Greek god Helios.  The statue stands at a harbour where the original piece is thought to have been located.

Another interesting structure is known as the Palace of the Grandmaster of the Knights of Rhodes.  It was reconstructed by the Italians during the 1940s and it houses a museum which displays numerous artefacts from the ancient local civilisations.  The structure itself is also quite formidable from afar.

We will change gears a bit and highlight some of the spots which are excellent maritime destinations.  Prasonisi is one such location, as this cape is famous for windsurfing and kite surfing.  It is located on the very southern tip of the island, so the waves here can be ideal for anyone who is a surfing enthusiast in general.  Prasonisi is found 92 kilometres to the south of Rhodes and travel times by motorway are generally just over one hour.  Another stretch of coastline to mention is Anthony Quinn Bay (named after the actor).  Famous for snorkelling and scuba diving, the waters here are much calmer. You can rent equipment from local suppliers if you hope to catch a glimpse of the sea life below.

Rhodes is equally famous for its numerous ruins.  Many of these are still much better preserved when compared to other portions of Greece, so they obviously warrant a closer look.  For instance, you can choose to visit the Lindos Acropolis to enjoy panoramic views of the nearby cliffs, or you can walk through a 15-century structure known as the Castle of Monolithos.  The city of Ancient Kamiros and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes are two other locations which will provide you with an unforgettable glimpse into the past of this island.  Be sure to plan ahead, as many of these landmarks will require the use of a tour guide.  Spots can fill up quickly, so it is normally prudent to book reservations online before your intended arrival date.

When to Visit Rhodes

As Rhodes is found within the southern latitudes, it tends to be associated with hot summers and mild, dry winters.  Even during the summer months, the evenings here are generally pleasant.  Having said this, many believe that the best times to visit are between the months of September and October or (alternatively) April to May.  Ticket prices will not change much and there are very few rainy days during these times of the year.  Bring plenty of sun block, as you will more than likely get a tan!