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Paphos Holidays

Paphos Holidays at a Glance

Paphos is a city located on the southern shores of the island of Cyprus and it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the presence of numerous ancient remains.  While the size of the city itself is not nearly as large as other Cyprian districts such as Limassol, its location next to a natural port has enabled it to enjoy wealth for centuries.  Interestingly enough, this location is technically known as “New Paphos”, as the older city is associated with creation myths involving Aphrodite and other well-known Greek gods.  In modern times, Paphos is an important tourist destination and it provides Cyprus as a whole with much-needed revenue.  Let's take a quick look at travel information before examining the attractions and landmarks which await.

Travel Details to and from Paphos

The main airport which serves the city and the surrounding regions is Paphos International Airport.  This si the second-largest transportation hub on the island after Larnaca International Airport.  Estimates claim that more than 2.5 million international travellers used this location in 2016 alone.  Some of the major airlines which operating to and from Paphos include:

British Airways
Brussels Airlines
Air France
Thomas Cook Airlines
TUI Airways

The approximate flight time between London and Paphos is just under 4.5 hours.  If you happen to choose an itinerary with a connecting flight, these times will naturally increase.  Upon your arrival at Paphos International Airport, there are numerous different public transportation options.  These include buses, trains and metro services.

The Primary Paphos Landmarks

The most amazing landmark to be seen here is without a doubt the expansive remains found within Paphos Archaeological Park.  These ancient ruins contain some of the most well-preserved examples of both the Greek and the Roman cultures.  There are four separate villas which have been uncovered over the years and their exquisite floor mosaics have been amazingly preserved through the ages.  Other excavations have discovered an ancient church known as the Basilica of Panagia Limeniotissa, an open-air theatre and a necropolis. 

A natural fishing harbour is another worthwhile location to visit.  This harbour has existed since at least Greek times and it provides a tranquil view of the nearby Mediterranean Sea.  It is possible to charter local boat rides in order to obtain a panoramic view of Paphos as well as the nearby countryside.  You can encounter many local restaurants which will serve up tasty Mediterranean dishes; an ideal way to recuperate after exploring the nearby ruins. 

Other Sights and Experiences

The beaches in and around Paphos are some of the best and most beautiful within all of Cyprus.  The waters here are crystal clear and they are relatively warm even during the winter months.  Two notable locations include Petra tou Romiu and Coral Bay.  Notwithstanding the beaches, several other attractions which should be visited include:

The Byzantine Museum
Paphos Castle
A golf resort known as Minthis Hills
The Paphos Archaeological Museum

As the weather here is agreeable throughout the year, experiencing outdoor attractions should not present an issue. However, we should make it a point to note than many archaeological sites are protected by Cypriot law.  You will only be able to access these locations with the help of a tour guide.  As reservations can fill up quickly, it is a good idea to perform online research in advance.

When to Arrive in Paphos and Other Suggestions

While the weather here is indeed unbelievable, the summers here can reach temperatures of well over 40ºC.  This can make it a bit of a chore to fully enjoy the ancient ruins and similar attractions.  It is best to beat the heat by arriving in the early autumn or the middle to late spring.  Ticket prices also tend to be slightly cheaper; an understandable concern if you want to watch your budget.  Finally, be sure to check vacancy rates for hotels; those within the city centre can quickly fill up.