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Olu Deniz: the Sea and the Sand

Olu Deniz: Prepare to Be Overwhelmed by the Sea and the Sand

Olu Deniz (sometimes referred to by the Turkish spelling of Oludeniz) is a small town and beach of the same name found on the Turquoise Coast of south-western Turkey. The name can be roughly translated to mean “Blue Lagoon” and after one look at its waters, you will completely understand why. As there is a large protected bay as well as an open coastline, this location is just as ideal for a casual day of bathing as it is for water sports such as sailing, surfing and jet skiing. This location is also designated as a national nature preserve, so construction here is very limited. This enables you to enjoy a sense of nature that would not be possible when referring to the other large beaches located nearby.

Flying to Olu Deniz

You have two choices when flying into Oludeniz. These are Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Esenboga (Ankara) International Airport. However, note that both are approximately equidistant from Oludeniz itself. Driving will take approximately 9 hours although trains and other forms of mass transit could be quicker. Your other option would be to fly into smaller Dalaman Airport (DLM). Some airlines addressed by this and the other two hubs include:

  • British Airways
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Thomson Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

Flight times will vary; depending upon where you plan on travelling from. As mentioned many times, it is wise to book your tickets well in advance to secure a desirable reservation. Package holidays are another effective way to save even more money.

The Beach Itself

Oludeniz has been continually rated as one of the top-five beaches in the entire world. Much of this appeal comes from the cerulean blue waters which are exceedingly clear. Also, the waters here are quite clean; having achieved the respected Blue Flag international status. Scuba diving and paragliding are two popular activities to enjoy here. If you are looking to get a closer look at the maritime environment, it is wise to opt for a glass-bottomed boat ride. These are offered on a daily basis and leave from several locations. Their itineraries may vary depending upon the time of the year.

Surrounding Areas

There are many caves located a short distance away from the main bay. These are frequently used for scuba diving and exploring although it is prohibited to enter without the supervision of a trained guide. Another interesting feature is that there are thermal spas in a small town known as Pamukkale to visit. Finally, excellent views of the Turquoise Coast as well as the surrounding countryside can be seen from the top of nearby Babadag Mountain.

As the waters here are calm and inviting, any time of the year is ideal to plan a holiday. If you still desire even more peace and quiet, arriving here during the autumn, winter or early spring could be the best option. Any fan of the surf and sand will be entranced with what Oludeniz has to offer.