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Minorca Getaways and Paradise

Minorca Getaways and Paradise

Minorca is located found quite close to Majorca and yet this island is noticeably smaller (hence the diminutive name). Still, it is extremely popular for tourists from northern Europe and millions of visitors experience this paradise for the first time every year. Boasting pristine beaches, an amazing climate, numerous attractions and an enticing nightlife, Minorca is worth a more in-depth look. What are some of the basic travel options to keep in mind and more importantly, what will you enjoy upon your arrival? Let's answer these two questions in the following paragraphs.

Arriving to Minorca

The two primary airports which serve Minorca are Menorca Airport (MAH) and Palma de Mallorca Airport (found on the nearby island of Majorca). Both are able to handle millions of passengers every year. However, it is likely that you will choose Minorca due to the fact that it is located only 4.5 kilometres from the largest city on the island known as Mahon. Some of the carriers which are served through this hub (and Palma de Mallorca Airport) include:

  • British Airways
  • Aer Lingus
  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • Thompson Airlines
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa

Both airports can be quit busy during the summer months although it will normally be possible to reserve a ticket by booking at least eight weeks in advance of your departure.

The Beaches of Minorca

Boasting cerulean blue waters, white sands and spectacular views, the beaches of Minorca attract flocks of visitors even during the winter. Some of the best include names such as Binibequer, Punta Prima, Cales Coves, Calaen Porter, Son Bou - San Jaime and Santo Tomas. If you are hoping to avoid the throngs of tourists and vendors, it is best to check out Santo Tomas and Son Bou – San Jaime. These spots are known to be much more peaceful although if you do not have a vehicle, be prepared for a slight walk.

Attractions and Experiences

As this island is notably smaller than its counterpart, the attractions here are somewhat limited to sites such as the mountain of El Toro, the Minorca Cathedral and and the castle of Santa Agueda. However, rest assured that urban locations will provide you with a wide spectrum of culinary and shopping experiences. Cities including Cuitadella de Menorca, Son Bou, Cala en Bosc (City in the Woods) and Cala en Porter are always additional options to choose from. There are bus and taxi service available if you have not opted for car hire.

The Best Time of the Year to Visit

The same guidelines associated with Majorca will apply here. The summer is indeed a popular time, but the temperatures here can be quite high and the number of tourists may prove to be a bit frustrating; especially if you are looking for rest and relaxation. It is advisable to arrive in the autumn, the winter or the early spring. Flights are cheaper, accommodations more plentiful and there will be fewer visitors.