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Mexico Holidays

All You Need to Know About Mexico Holidays

Officially known as the United Mexican States, Mexico is the largest country within Central America.  It encompasses a total area of more than 760,000 square kilometres and as it boasts shores on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, this country has played an important role throughout human history.  In excess of 120 million residents call Mexico home and this number dramatically increases when we take into account the presence of tourists around the year.  If you have never experienced what Mexico has to offer, there is no better time than now to become fully immersed in a rich culture and the natural beauty that has come to define this region.  Let's take a quick look at some basic travel facts before moving on to the main attractions to keep in mind during your upcoming visit.

Flight Times and Airport Information

Mexico City International Airport is the largest airport within the country as well as the busiest.  As the name might already suggest, this airport is found not far from the centre of Mexico City.  This signifies that public transportation will not present an issue.  Taxis, buses and train services are all available.  It is estimated that more than 44 million passengers passed through the terminals here in 2016 and due to its sheer size, there are a number of major international carriers which operate to and from here.  Some examples include (but are without a doubt not limited to):

British Airways
United Express
United Airlines

The average flight time from London to Mexico City is 12 hours.  This is assuming that you will not require any type of connecting flight.  Journeys associated with any type of connection tend to take 14 hours or a bit longer.

What to See and Do in Mexico

Due to the sheer size of this nation, we will be taking a look at what many consider to be a handful of the top tourist attractions to experience during your stay.  According to recent statistics, the seaside location of Tulum is one of the most sought-after Mexican destinations.  The beaches here are spectacular and thanks to numerous protected coves, activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving have become quite popular.  There are also Mayan ruins located nearby.  These will provide a unique window into the past of Mexican culture.  Regular tours are available upon request.

If you are in the mood for a party, be sure to visit Cancun.  Cancun has been the go-to destination for the younger generation for decades and this very same reputation is just as appropriate in modern times.  Some of the most luxurious hotels are also found within the confines of Cancun.  Cancun is located upon the Yucatan Peninsula and this enables the waters here to be rather tranquil when compared to the remainder of the basin of the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you are a fan of history, be sure to visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Coba.  This area contains one of the highest ancient pyramids in Mexico and it is said that archaeologists are still uncovering amazing artefacts to this day.  The good news is that Coba is located quite close to Cancun (approximately 50 kilometres away), so arriving here should not be an issue.  There are also thermal springs found not far off; ideal if you have arthritis or you have been hoping to experience the medicinal benefits of this mystical mineral water.

Additional Information and Travel Advice

Mexico is a truly massive landmass, so always perform a significant amount of research in order to appreciate what these (and other) sights have in store.  Also, never forget that locations upon the Pacific coast such as Baja California present additional holiday opportunities.  Many will argue that the best time to visit falls between the late autumn and the late spring.  You will be able to avoid the height of the summer (as well as high temperatures) while simultaneously minimising the chances that you will become caught up in a hurricane.  Whether you have come here for the history, the culture or the natural attractions, there is no doubt that Mexico will leave you begging for more.