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Holidays to the Maldives

Your Holidays to the Maldives: An Ocean Paradise Awaits

The Maldives are a small archipelago of islands found within the Indian Ocean and just to the south west of India.  Interestingly enough, The Maldives are the smallest Asian country in terms of both landmass and its population.  The islands are also spread out across a wide area; making them one of the most diverse destinations in the world today.  The Maldives enjoys an agreeable and balmy climate throughout the year as well as extremely warm waters.  The tourism industry here is flourishing and millions of guests enjoy what this island chain has in store.  So, what are some noteworthy attractions, what time of year should you plan your holiday and are there any issues to keep in mind?  Let's answer all three of these questions. 

The Top Attractions in the Maldives

While the natural splendour here is indeed impressive (we will look at this shortly), there are a number of man-made sites that deserve your attention.  The most famous is arguably the home of Utheemu Ganduvaru; the     most well-known sultan of the Maldives.  It is now a national monument and his residence has been turned into a museum.  If you are looking for a bit of pampering, be sure not to miss Biyadhoo Island Resort.  Diving, snorkelling, swimming and boating are a few other activities to enjoy here.  Found on the island of Male, the National Museum displays many traditional artefacts of the region and this is an excellent destination to learn about the rich history of the islands.

Of course, always be sure to check out the amazing beaches found here.  Many visitors consider the top picks to be:

  • Soneva Gili
  • Seenu
  • Nika and Cocoa Islands
  • Banyan Tree Island
  • Baa Atoll

Please note that the beaches here can be categorised by where they are located.  This is generally either the northern, the southern or the western Maldives.  If you are looking for pristine diving conditions, the HP Reef (in the northern atoll) is one of the most untouched spots on the planet and many believe that it will soon become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Banana Reef, Manta Point and a location known as Bluetribe Moofushi are other areas to explore during your stay.

The Best Times to Visit

The main concern that any traveller has will always revolve around the weather as opposed to the number of tourists.  Let's not forget that much like India, the Maldives are subject to the heavy rains within the monsoon seasons.  There are two times of the year when this occurs.  These are between July and August and from November to March.  So, the best time to visit is normally between December and April.  Also, the Maldives are located in the southern hemisphere.  This is considered the summer time here and the best news is that booking tickets from the United Kingdom during what would locally be considered the “off season” could likely save you a great deal of money. 

Things to Keep in Mind

The Maldives is generally considered to be an extremely safe country.  However, note that it is a predominantly Muslim society.  You will therefore have to abide by all local laws and customs in order to be ensured of a pleasant stay.  As the journey can be quite long by plane, it could also be wise to break up the trip with the use of a layover to avoid too much fatigue setting in before you arrive.  If you are looking for a truly amazing holiday experience, the Maldives will not let you down!