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Dubai Holidays


Dubai is the capital and the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. However, most of us know this location to be the veritable playground of the rich and famous. What is arguably the most interesting fact in regards to Dubai is that up until 50 years ago, this massive city was nothing more than a simply trading post along ancient caravan routes. However, all of this changed thanks to the influx of capital primarily derived from oil profits throughout the Middle East. Now, Dubai represents an eclectic mixture of eastern and western philosophies. It is also one of the most important (if not the most important) city in terms of trading, commodities and commerce. If the past is any indicator of the future, this metropolitan area should continue to play an important role within the realm of global finance.

East Meets West

This global city is home to a number of large corporations. A handful of these include Hewlett-Packard, EMC Corporation, Oracle Corporation, IBM and Dell. This is primarily the result of the fact that it is much easier for such entities to conduct trade deals and negotiations from such a centralised location between the eastern and western worlds. However, it is just as interesting to note that Arabic and Islamic laws still apply here. This is why Dubai is often called a bit of a dichotomy in terms of what travellers can expect upon their arrival. Having said this, the residents of this city are exceedingly polite and cordial; even to the point that some feel they are “closed off”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tradition dictates that foreigners are treated with a great deal of respect; even to the point of deference.

What to Expect Upon Your Arrival

Whether you are travelling here for the first time for business or pleasure, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. For instance, alcohol is not permitted within the city centre due to Islamic law. Anyone who violates this maxim is likely to face heavy fines. Also, it is wise to check the regulations in regards to public displays of affection on beaches and other public areas. These are generally the only two concerns and they are quite easy to adapt to once you appreciate the reasons that they are in place.

When to Visit Dubai

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities on the planet so regardless of when you visit, you should plan on spending a bit of money for hotels, accommodations food during your stay. However, let's keep in mind that this city is essentially located within the middle of a desert. Temperatures between day and night can fluctuate wildly. Summer heat can sometime rise as high as 50ºC while evening temperatures are quite refreshing. It still might be a good idea to plan a holiday here in the late autumn or the winter, as temperatures are much more agreeable. Thankfully, you will normally not have to worry about lengthy days of rain and the sun remains high overhead.

Dubai Attractions

Some of the main attractions found within Dubai include the 160-story skyscraper known as the Burj Khalifa, the sail-like tower of Burj al Arab, the massive Dubai Mall and a huge outdoor water park known as Wild Wadi Water. This is a particularly good choice if you plan on arriving here with family or friends. The park is open throughout the year and recent renovations will offer even more rides in the future. Dubai is certainly worth a closer look and if money is not an option, this city could be a great holiday idea.