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Corsica: Your Ticket to Paradise

Corsica: Your Ticket to Paradise

Corsica is a French island found within the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location, this island enjoys balmy temperatures throughout the majority of the year while rainy periods are extremely limited. Known as the birthplace of Napoleon, this region is now one of the most popular tourist destinations within Europe. Those who are planning on taking a holiday here will be interested to learn some basic travel information as well as a handful of the most stunning attractions to be enjoyed. Let's look at both of these categories in a bit more detail.

Flights and Airline Information

There are two major airports found within Corsica. These are the Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport and the Bastia-Poretta Airport. The former is the most common for international travellers. One of the major airlines which serves Corsica and the rest of France is Air Corsica while other carriers such as EasyJet and Ryanair make regularly scheduled flights from other destinations such as the United Kingdom. Some additional carriers to note are:

  • Air France
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Smartwings

As the airport is located only five kilometres east of the main harbour, it is quite easy to travel to other parts of the island. Shuttle buses, taxis and private care hire are all available.

Attractions in Corsica

Corsica is well known for its selection of enticing beaches. The waters here are notably warm throughout most of the year and some strips of sand will offer a sense of peace and tranquillity not often found within other major tourist destinations. Some examples of the top beaches include Calvi Beach, Arinella Beach, Loto Beach and Pinarello Beach.

Along with the beaches, there are also some excellent locations ideally suited for the nature lover. Regions such as the Calanques de Piana are perfect for hiking while the famous Scandola Nature Preserve is home to a number of endangered species such as the sea eagle. There are guided tours available to these and other destinations.

The urban centres within Corsica should likewise not be missed. The cities of Bastia, Corte and Sartene provide unique windows into the culture of this island. Some sights within these urban confines include the Ajaccio Cathedral, the Lucciana Cathedral, the Maison Bonaparte (the home of Napoleon) and the Calvi Citadel.

Other Practical Information

Keep in mind that Corsica can become quite hot in the summer. Temperatures as high as 35ºC are not uncommon and those with health issues may consider visiting during the spring or the autumn. This can also be a good idea to avoid the majority of tourists during the height of the season. Finally, choosing off-season tickets is an effective way to save money for those who may be on a rather limited budget. Boasting an amenable climate and splendid natural beauty, Corsica is an island not to be missed. or the early spring for your departure dates. Spain is a country which should be experienced by everyone and this is only a basic guide of what you can expect to enjoy during your journey.