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Brilliant Brazil

Brazil at a Glance: Your Dream Holiday Brought to Life

Brazil is the largest country within South America and it occupies the entire north east quadrant of the continent.  Particularly known for its enticing beaches and its millions of acres of rainforest, this nation attractions the largest number of tourists in South America every year.  This is then combined with a climate that continues to draw those who are looking to escape the colder temperatures often associated with other regions of the world such as Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.  However, there is much more than meets the eye in regards to Brazil.  If you are planning a holiday here, you a certainly not alone.  Let's take a look at what you can expect upon your arrival.

The Climate

As mentioned previously, Brazil is normally associated with a tropical to a subtropical climate.  The jungles are warm and wet while the beaches enjoy amenable temperatures throughout the year.  While heavy rains will occasionally fall, these are nowhere near the monsoonal conditions often encountered in East Asia.  We should still note that some interior portions of Brazil are known for a more continental climate; particularly in reference to the steppes.  The chances are therefore high that you can enjoy a bit of fun in the sun regardless of the time of the year that you plan on arriving.

Natural Beauty Abounds

You might be surprised to learn that there are several large mountains to be explored here.  Many feel that the most notable are Sugarloaf Mountain and Corvocado Mountain.  Each of these will provide excellent views of the nearby countryside and while they are a bit remote, it is always possible to hire a chartered tour.

No article concerning Brazil would be complete without mentioning the stunning beaches to be found here.  While there are hundreds to experience, a handful tend to always make the top of the list.  Perfect examples include world-famous Ipanema, Baia de Sancho, Fernando de Noronha Baia and Pipa Beach.  If you are hoping to stay closer to major urban centres, the stretches of sand bordering Rio de Janeiro should never be missed.

The Amazon jungle is also a mysterious location that has attracted explorers and visitors alike for hundreds of years.  It covers more than 7.5 million square kilometres and it comprises nearly 40 per cent of the entire land mass of South America itself.  The majority of this ecological masterpiece is found directly within Brazil.  Whether you are an intrepid explorer or you simply hope to see something new during your stay, never pas up a chance to take a brief tour of the Amazon.  You will naturally not be able to see it in its entirety and most tourist excursions are limited to day trips or boat rides.  Still, the beauty to be found here is not to be taken lightly.  There are still thousands of species which have yet to be discovered!

Major Cities

The most populous city within Brazil is Sao Paulo (associated with a population of over 12 million residents).  Other locations include (of course) Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.  Each of these urban delights offers its own set of attractions.  For example, many choose to take a quick trip to visit an iconic statue known as Christ the Redeemer (found just outside of Rio de Janeiro).  Other worthwhile sights include Ibirapuera Park within Sao Paulo and an 18th century church known as Sao Francisco. 

Travel Tips

If you are sensitive to excessive heat, it could be a good idea to visit Brazil during the winter season (the summer season in the northern hemisphere).  The British pound is generally quite strong here, so you should be able to enjoy a choice of different accommodations during your stay.  Learning a bit of Portuguese is always a good idea.  While major urban centres tend to be associated with an appreciable level of English, smaller villages and excursions into the countryside might present a bit of a communication issue.  Above all, get ready for the experience of a lifetime!