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Beautiful Bali

Why Should You Choose Bali for Your Next Holiday?

What images come to mind when you think of Bali?  Perhaps you imagine long, sandy beaches or scintillating nightlife,  You could instead be more interested in the natural beauty associated with this region.  In either case, you would certainly not be wrong.  Bali is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet and with so much to see and do, it can represent a perfect break fro the entire family.  Let take a few moments to look at the highlights of this amazing country as well as what you can expect upon your arrival.

Gorgeous Weather

The first thing that we should mention is that this island-province shares similar weather to the rest of Indonesia.  This is generally equated to warm and tropical weather patterns although higher elevations will naturally be a bit cooler.  However, one of the benefits specifically associated with Bali is that its overall climate tends to be rather steady throughout the year.  Temperatures can range anywhere between 20ºc and 35ºC while monsoonal rains will occur from between October and April.  Keep this season in mind, as you might be better off visiting during another time of the year in order to take advantage of the sun.

Main Attractions

Tourism in Bali can be separated into two categories: natural attractions and man-made wonders.  Let's take a look at the natural beauty first.

Bali is home to some of the most splendid and pristine jungles on the planet.  For instance, the ancient volcano of Mount Batur will provide excellent views that stretch for more than 50 kilometres on a clear day.  Other sights such as the majestic Tukad Cepung waterfalls are excellent photo opportunities while kayaking is always a possibility.  There are even guided natural tours such as those associated with the Bali Safari and Marine Park can be great ways to get an up-close-and-personal view of nature while keeping the entire family occupied.

Having said this, the history associated with Bali is just as impressive.  Some of the most well-known include the iconic stepped rice paddies that can be found throughout many of the rural areas.  In fact, some of these are estimated to be thousands of years old.  You can also choose to visit the traditional Balinese temple of Tanah Lot to get an appreciation for the prevalence of the Buddhist and Hindu religions associated with this region.  Goa Gajah and Garuda Wisnu Kencana are two other famous temples.  The former is a series of caves with ancient art carvings while the latter is considered to be one of the largest temples even constructed in Bali.  Guided tours are normally available but please note that these can become quite crowded during the height of the tourist season.

Of course, we also need to mention the beaches here.  The majority of the most popular spots are found on the southern coast of the island, as these tend to also be relatively close to the major attractions.  Some strips of sand definitely worth mentioning include Sanur Beach, Green Bowl BeachKuta Beach and Legian Beach.  However, these are also laden with tourists.  It may be better to venture a bit more northwards in order to encounter some solitary locations. 

What to Take Into Account

As Bali is a very popular tourist destination, airline prices can be quite high.  Try to book during the off season in order to enjoy more amenable rates.  Additionally, Bali is quite a large island and soaking in all of the sights can be challenging from a logistical point of view.  It is always best to plan your holiday at least two months in advance to appreciate the sights that you wish to see and how these will coordinate with your time frame.  Although major urban centres and hotels will take credit cards and travellers cheques, the same cannot be said for the more rural towns and villages.  So, try to obtain an agreeable exchange rate; British pounds can go quite far in Bali. 

This island is without a doubt an amazing sight to behold.  Please keep these tips in mind and feel free to refer back to this article for will not be disappointed!