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Australia: More Than the Outback

Australia: More Than the Outback

Australia is a continent as well as a country. It is actually the sixth-largest nation in the world in terms of its total land area. Although it boasts a sizeable population of approximately 24 million inhabitants, the bulk of these residents live along the coastline or within major cities such as Canberra and Sydney. In fact, there are large swaths of land within the centre of the country which are virtually uninhabited. Australia is known for its unique nature, its welcoming culture and its diverse climate. As the main spoken language is English, it is also a very popular holiday spot for English-speaking peoples from around the world. Are you contemplating a trip here? If so, let's examine what you can expect during a holiday.

Main Airports

There are four main airports which service the entire country. Obviously, the choice of which hub to use will be based upon your arrival destination. The four main airports (in terms of passengers handled) are:

  • Sydney International Airport
  • Melbourne International Airport
  • Brisbane International Airport
  • Perth International Airport

Each of these locations will be found in the city of the same name. A handful of international airlines include:

  • China Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Quantas
  • Virgin Australia

You may have noted that British Airways and other English carriers are not included in this list. This is due to the sheer distance between the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. You will likely require a connecting flight if you choose to employ these carriers.

The Top Beaches in Australia

Australia is home to some unimaginably stunning beaches. These are naturally located all around the coastline. Many tourists feel that regions such as the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Torquay, Fraser Island and the aptly named Surfer's Paradise are the best to be found. Once again, perform a bit of research to determine if these are others are close to where you will be staying.

Natural and Man-Made Attractions

The nature here has to be seen to be believed. So, always make it a point to opt for a guided tour within one of the many natural parks here. The most famous are Kakadu National Park, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (home of the massive Red Rock) and Lane Cove National Park.

In the same way, never miss out a chance to absorb the urban atmosphere here. From the famous Sydney Opera House to City Harbour Bridge and the twinkling city centre of Melbourne, you will be simply amazed at the diversity of this rich country.

Always recall that as Australia is located within the southern hemisphere, its seasons are reversed. Winter occurs between May and September while summer lies between October and late April. Interestingly, the “off season” for those in the northern hemisphere tends to fall in the summer months. So, tickets will be cheaper and you can enjoy agreeable temperatures during your stay.