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All-Inclusive Holiday Packages

All-Inclusive Holiday Packages

Do you find that you are on a budget and yet still want to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation with your family?  If so, you are likely interested in booking an all-inclusive holiday.  Sometimes referred to as package holidays, these plans are excellent ways to save a substantial amount of money without sacrificing your time for leisure.  However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to be mentioned as well.  Let's go ahead and take a look at how these holidays function, what discounts are typically available and a handful of the pros and cons to consider. 

What Are All-Inclusive Holidays?

As the name suggests, all-inclusive holidays rely upon the principle that the traveller will know exactly what he or she is paying for ahead of time.  In other words, the ultimate price includes the ticket as well as other travel costs that would normally have to be paid separately.  These package deals are normally quite common during popular tourist seasons while that are likewise available throughout the year when dealing with reputable providers. 

What is Normally Included (and not Included) in a Typical Package?

One of the ironies in regards to all-inclusive holidays is that certain amenities come as standard and others will need to be purchased separately.  Some of the most common  deals that are covered within the pricing plan will normally include:

  • Meals during one's travel (or at a hotel)
  • The hotel room and board (possibly maid services)
  • Child care (if relevant)
  • Certain group activities such as excursions within a city, guided tours or parties hosted by the travel provider
  • The price of the travel ticket (such as a plane or a boat)

However, let's keep in mind that these can vary from provider to provider.  It is also worthwhile noting that there are a number of advantages that normally will NOT be present.  Examples here can include top-shelf drinks, third-party transportation (such as a car hire service) and meals at a high-end restaurant.

The Pros and Cons of Package Holidays

The biggest advantage of all-inclusive holidays is that a family or individual knows within a relative certainty how much they will be spending on a ticket.  Thus, they can allocate additional funds towards activities that will be purchased separately.  Package holidays are quite comfortable and the levels of customer service are frequently outstanding.  However, there are still some downsides to this method of travel.  Unexpected expenses could very well arise for those who wish to enjoy themselves.  Also, itineraries are likely to be quite strict (such as is often the case with luxury cruises that stop from port to port).  The food provided may be less than perfect and unfortunately, guests will not be given a choice of what hotels they will be staying at.

These are some of the most basic concepts to appreciate when searching for discounts through all-inclusive holiday packages.  Understanding these basic principles will enable you and your family to make the right choices at the right times.