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A Look at Sri Lanka Holidays

A Look at Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka is a small island nation located off of the south-eastern coast of India. It is one of few locations around the world which shows evidence of civilisations of over 125,000 years old. It is also an extremely multicultural nation; many cultures, ethnicities and nationalities all share citizenship. This has enabled Sri Lanka to be an extremely popular tourist destination. However, it is also one of the most densely populated nations on the earth. As of the 2012 census, Sri Lanka was home to more than 20 million residents. Let's take a look at some key facts and suggestions if you plan on visiting here.

Main Airport and Primary Airlines

The largest airport here is known as Bandaranaike International Airport. However, many simply refer to it as Colombo International Airport (as it is located in the capital city of Columbo). Some of the international airlines which are serviced through this hub include (but are not limited to):

  • Air China
  • Jet Airways
  • Air India
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Thomson Airways

We should note here that neither British Airways nor most common European carriers offer direct flights to Sri Lanka. So, you will need to plan on a connection at terminals in eastern or southern Europe to complete your journey. The travel time can be up to 10 hours or more (depending upon the route).

Beaches in Sri Lanka

Thanks to its location within the bath-like waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lankan beaches are extremely popular. Although there are literally hundreds to choose from, some of the most commonly visited by tourists include Bentota, Unawatuna, Negombo, Nilaveli and Tangalle. Another great reason to visit these locations is that they all offer nearby hotels and shopping districts. So, it is quite easy to pick up a few souvenirs which soaking up the sun and surf.

Sri Lanka Attractions

As this is still a very large island, it is always a good idea to perform a bit of research in regards to attractions where you may be staying. However, there are still some locations that are definitely worth mentioning. This country is famous for its pristine natural parks. Some great examples can be seen in Horton Plains National Park, Undawalawe National Park and Minneriya National Park. The Royal Botanical Gardens are a prudent option if you are arriving here with a group of friends or your family.

When to Visit Sri Lanka

Monsoons will always be a concern when visiting any country within or near the Indian Ocean. This season generally lasts from May until the middle portion of September. It is best to avoid travel during these months, for the amount of rain can be copious at any given time. Instead, make reservations for sometime during the middle part of the winter. The temperatures will be moderate and you can be nearly that not a cloud will be seen in the sky. Never forget that booking your tickets at least two months in advance of your departure can save you a great deal of money. Finally, take a look at any package holidays which could be able to save you on food and accommodations.