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A Look at Sardinia Holidays

A Look at Sardinia Holidays

Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea behind Corsica and Sicily. It is currently home to no less than 1.6 million residents. It occupies a land mass of approximately 24,000 square kilometres and much like nearby locations, Sardinia is known for its temperate weather conditions and immaculate beaches. If you are planning a holiday to this tropical paradise, it is a good idea to take a look at some basic facts as well as a handful of useful travel tips.

Airlines and Flight Details

There are three airports which serve Sardinia and the surrounding areas. These are Alghero Airport, Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport and Cagliari-Elmas Aiport. Both regional and international flights are catered to at each of these hubs although to local airports can serve flights of a short duration. Some of the airlines which these airports serve include:

  • Ryanair
  • Easy Jet
  • Blue Air
  • Atlantic Airways
  • Smartwings
  • Thompson Airways

For larger carriers such as American Airlines or British Airways, it may be necessary to use a connection at major airports such as Charles de Gaulle Airport. Still, this will depend upon the carrier in question.

The Top Sights and Attractions in Sardinia

As this is quite a large island, you will have a choice of beaches and these will primarily depend upon the region where you are staying. Nonetheless, many analysts feel that a few spots are a cut above the rest. Some of these include:

  • La Pelosa
  • Spiaggia Rosa
  • Spiaggia del Principe
  • Cala Brandinchi
  • Berchida
  • Cala Luna

A few southern beaches are also worth noting. Some examples are Tuerredda, Su Giudeu, Porto Giunco and Scoglio di Peppino.

Notwithstanding the beaches found here, Sardinia is also known for its natural attractions. Many of these are located on or near the coastline. Sites such as the Cape Carbonara Nature Preserve, Tirso Lake and the protected coastline of Santo Stefano should be witnessed by any lover of nature.

Sardinia is also rich in history and culture. This is particularly the case in terms of temples and cathedrals. The 13th century Cagliari Cathedral and the Santa Giusta Cathedral are two stunning examples of Gothic architecture. There are also sites which date back to the megalithic times such as Giants' Grave and the ruins at Nora.

For a more modern twist, be sure not to miss the street fairs and the attractions found within larger urban centres such as Cagliari, Sassari, Olbia and Quartu Sant'Elena. There are numerous seasonal festivals to be experienced and performing a quick online search will illustrate which ones are the most appropriate for your needs.

Sardinia is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of Europe. While it is indeed a tropical paradise, more common locations such as the coastline of Spain tend to attract the largest number of visitors. So, arriving here during any time of the year could be an excellent means to enjoy a bit of much-needed rest and relaxation.