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Cape Verde Flights

Cape Verde Flights and Holidays at a Glance

Located 550 kilometres off of the west coast of Africa, the Cape Verde islands are a large archipelago which attracts countless tourists each and every year.  This has much to do with its climate as well as the natural beauty of the islands themselves.  So, let us take a look at common travel routes as well as some of the attractions which have allowed the Cape Verde islands to be so very memorable

Flight and Travel Information

There are a few airports that cater to international flights.  These are:

  • Amilcar Cabral International Airport
  • Nelson Mandela International Airport
  • Aristedes Pereira International Airport

Please note that each airport will slightly differ in terms of the airlines that they cater to.  Still, some internationally recognised carriers include TAP Portugal, Air Maroc, Thompson Airways, Transavia France, XL Airways France.  All airports are located quite close to major city centres (such as Aristedes Pereira being found only 3 kilometres from the capital of Sal Rei on Boa Vista Island).  Depending upon the carrier, all-inclusive holiday deals can often be available while the off-season (generally between September and March) offer a number of cheap last-minute flights and package holidays which represent a real bargain.

Attractions and Sights Within the Cape Verde Islands

The weather here is truly breathtaking with an estimated 350 days of sunshine each year.  Thus, outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, mountaineering and bicycling are quite popular.  In fact, there are many eco-tourism excursions which can take travellers in and around the famous volcanic peak of Pico de Fogo (Peak of Fire).  Maritime activities such as sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and diving are likewise attractive.  Glass-bottom boats are a particular attraction, as they will exhibit the flora and fauna during their journey.  Some of the most popular beaches include Melia Tortuga Beach, Priaia de Santa Maria and the white stretches of sand found upon the Island of Sal.

Notwithstanding the truly pristine examples of wildlife and nature, there are some other attractions which are splendid for the entire family.  For example, many will choose to spend a day at the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens) that are located on the island of Sao Jorge dos Orgaos.  Another stunning example of traditional architecture can be seen in the famous Palacio de Povo.  Dating from the colonial times, its structure is based off of other buildings seen in India.  History fans should be sure to visit the Centro Nacional de Artesanato (National Centre for the Arts).  This is found on the island of Sao Vincente.   There are also countless street vendors, retail centres and quiet restaurants to enjoy.

Whether one wishes to take advantage of all-inclusive package holidays, cheap flights or bargain hotel accommodations, Cape Verde is certainly a slice of paradise.  Making reservations in advance is an excellent way to save even more money while enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.