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Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruises 

What better way to decompress and take a hiatus from the harsh weather of northern Europe than with the help of a bespoke and unforgettable Caribbean cruise?  It is no mistake that this region of the world is the most popular in terms of quality holidays.  From pristine beaches, clear waters and truly immaculate weather conditions, the attraction to the Caribbean is simply undeniable.  Let's take a look at some of the most important details associated with any Caribbean cruise. 

Destinations and the Region Itself

There are currently more than 7,000 islands found within the Caribbean Sea.  Some of the most popular include Antigua, Barbados, St. Vincent, The Grenadines, Belize and even Cuba.  Thus, a wealth of destinations await.  These will primarily depend upon the carrier chosen for your holidays.  

Of course, the beaches here go without mentioning.  Many are pristine in their nature and they are open throughout the year.  Whether you are searching for a maritime adventure, a glass-bottom boat ride or you simply wish to soak up the sun, you will not be disappointed.  However, most Caribbean cruise ships will make it a point to stop at major points along the way.   This will allow you to disembark and explore the local culture and people.

The most popular port cities which can offer a unique glimpse into this amazing region are:

  • Castries (St. Lucia)
  • Falmouth (Jamaica)
  • Nassau (Bahamas)
  • Bridgetown (Barbados)

It is a good idea to check with the carrier in question to determine which ports are on its itinerary.  

Your Caribbean Cruise: The Experience of a Lifetime

The first thing to point out is that your ship is truly a home away from home (with added luxuries).  Some of the lavish accommodations which are offered will normally include:

  • Full room and board
  • Live entertainment
  • Drinks (rarely top shelf)
  • Children's activities
  • Pools. Saunas, spas and gymnasiums

You very literally are on a floating island.  Still, never forget to take advantage of your ability to visit the local islands.  Most cruises offer tours with a chaperone; a perfect way to learn a bit more about the people and culture of each island.  Most inhabitants speak English and like any other holiday, it is wise to being a bit of spending money across.  The exchange rates are favourable and currencies such as the euro and the pound will go a long way.

When to Book a Holiday

Caribbean cruises are quite popular during the summer months.  However, there is one concern to note here.  Hurricanes regularly sweep through the region; particularly between July and early October.  Some of these can be quite severe (such as Hurricane Andrew during the early part of the 1990s or Hurricane Katrina in 2005).  It is best to book a holiday during the downtime in the late autumn and from February to early May.  You will not be disappointed with what is in store.