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Romantic Rome

Things to See and Do in Rome

Rome is arguably the most famous city within the European mainland. In fact, the history of this metropolitan district is as varied as the people who now inhabit its confines. Rome offers a combination of splendid architecture, amenable weather, excellent food and a host of attractions to experience. Anyone who has been looking for an unforgettable holiday should certainly consider Rome as an option. It has been called the city of romance, the city of history and the city of eternal beauty. Regardless of how it is classified, get ready for a true adventure.

A Quick Look at Rome

It is said that Rome was founded by two brothers by the names of Romulus and Remus. When Romulus was victorious, the city obtained its now-famous name. Of course, we are all aware that Rome was the seat of the famous empire of the same name. It remained the powerhouse of the ancient world before succumbing to barbarian attacks immediately before what we commonly refer to as the Dark Ages. Thankfully, a substantial portion of this city still remains intact. We can witness examples of ancient Roman plumbing, majestic aqueducts, splendid frescoes and of course, many of the open-air plazas which have come to define this city.

Some of the Attractions to Experience While in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans. This statement is just as true in today's age. Some of the most sought-after sights include the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Trevi Fountain. However, we need to mention here that some of the best-kept secrets are often those which are not advertised in local travel guides. It is always a good idea to travel off of the beaten path to discover the quaint secrets of this ancient city. Cobbled streets, quiet cafes and friendly conversations await. Be sure to check out the countless restaurants here which will be able to offer you a unique taste of Roman cuisine; many believe that the only true pizza has originated from this city.

Nearby Sights

Spend some time taking a look at the immediate locales outside of the city proper. You will be able to encounter pristine vineyards, rolling green hills and access to the Mediterranean Sea only 30 minutes away by car. One other interesting fact regarding this city is that there is much more to see than fountains and buildings alone. In fact, Rome is considered to be one of the greenest cities within Europe and it is home to a number of large open-air parks. Some of the most famous include Villa Borghese, Villa Ada and Villa Sciarra. Keep in mind that some of these may require tickets, as they can become quite crowded. It is therefore a good idea to take a look into this ni advance.

When to Visit Rome

Much like any other city found within the Mediterranean region, Rome can become quite warm during the summer months. Temperatures have been known to reach well over 40ºC between July and early September. However, the other main issue is the sheer number of tourists that you are likely to encounter along the way. Another result of this influx is that local accommodations such as food and hotels are likely to be priced appreciably higher. This is why many choose to visit this city in the spring or the late autumn. Temperatures will be more agreeable and you will be able to experience reasonable pricing packages. There is simply no excuse not to visit this city at least once during your lifetime. You will not regret this choice.