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Magical Milan

Your Guide to the Tourist Attractions in Milan

Milan is the second largest city in Italy besides Rome and it is the capital of the Lombardi region.  With a population of more than 3.2 million residents, it is also a major urban centre.  The history of Milan itself can be traced back to prehistoric times but it was predominantly known as an important trading city (much like other locations such as Venice).  While this still plays a critical role, the city and its surround confines have enjoyed a unique sense of identity within the worlds of fashion, art and culture.  This is due in no small part to the numerous events which are held here every year.  If you are considering a trip to Milan, it is a good idea to appreciate what is in store in terms of travel times before moving on to the main attractions and landmarks.  Let's take a closer look.

Milan Travel Information

The main airport which serves this region is Malpensa International Airport.  This is one of three airports found within the city and yet, Malpensa is generally intended for international arrivals and departures.  Some of the major carriers which operate out of here include:

Air Lingus
Air France
Air europa
British Airways
TAP Portugal

The average flight time between Milan and London is just under two hours and there are more than 25 flights departing every day.  Please note that this is assuming that you will not have a layover in a city such as Madrid or Paris.  You can also utilise the remaining regional airports to reach other locations within Lombardi and throughout Italy if desired.

The Top Attractions within Milan

Milan is considered to be the fashion capital of the world and the most popular event without a doubt is Milan Fashion Week.  This annual event presents all of the latest designs from some of the most reputable fashion icons in the world.  A lesser-known attraction which can still prove to be quite interesting is the Milan Furniture Fair.  In terms of art and culture, it can be argued that the Pinacoteca di Brera is the most famous museum.  Many iconic works of art produced by the Italian masters can be found here.  Examples include the Brera Madonna and the Rondanini Pietra.  Many of the pieces illustrate how Milan flourished during the Middle Ages and these museums are open throughout the year, so they are indeed must-see attractions during your stay.

The Landmarks of Milan

Milan is also known for a host of well-known classical landmarks.  The Church of Santa Maria della Grazie is perhaps one of the most famous locations, as this church houses The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci as well as a host of other works.  The towering Milan Cathedral is another unforgettable sight and besides is amazing exterior facade, masses are still held inside every Sunday.  The Arch of Peace is actually quite similar to the arch found in Paris and yet, unique sculptures along the top provide this architectural masterpiece with a decidedly Italian flair.  Additional landmarks include Sforza Castle and a large glass-enclosed gallery known as the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II.  There are also a wide variety of open-air parks and gardens to choose from.  These are paired well with the decidedly tranquil climate to be enjoyed here throughout the majority of the year.  Some of the top parks include Sempioni Park and the Montanelli Gardens.  The Arch of Peace can be found within the confines of Sempioni Park; a great way to experience the great outdoors while still viewing some amazing architecture. 

What to Take Into Account when Travelling Here

Milan is one of the most popular European tourist destinations, so it only makes sense that it can become extremely congested with visitors during the Spring and the early summer.  This also generally equates to higher ticket prices.  If you are looking to stay away from the crowds while obtaining lower ticket prices, it is advisable to book a reservation for the late autumn or the early spring.  In addition, there are many holiday package travel deals available.  These can be a great way to enjoy all of the most amazing sights while only worrying about paying a single bill.  As always, planning ahead is the most efficient way to make certain that you are able to absorb all that Milan has to offer.