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Denmark City Breaks

Denmark City Breaks

Denmark is a peninsula country found upon the northern shores of Europe.  However, it is still considered to be part of the Nordic region.  This country enjoys the title of offering the highest standard of living within Europe and from liberal civil laws to high social mobility and relative income equality, many find Denmark to be somewhat of a “utopian” nation.  It is also quite popular in terms of tourism.  This is especially the case during the spring and the summer when temperatures are known to be quite mild. Surprisingly, the flora and fauna here are very diverse while the beaches tend to be some of the best-kept secrets in al of Europe.  Let's take a look at some important facts.

Flights, Airports and Airlines

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the main hub which serves this major city as well as the surrounding areas.  It also connects portions of Sweden as well as Scania.  As one of the oldest airports in Europe, an estimated 25 million passengers are served every year.  As this airport is found only 8 kilometres from the city centre, transportation is never an issue.  Taxis, buses, shuttle services and railways all connect Copenhagen Airport to other locations.  A handful of prominent carriers include:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • easyJet
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Ryanair
  • Thomas Cook Airlines

While there has been discussion about creating a fourth terminal, all international departures and arrivals are handled out of terminals 2 and 3.  Last-minute flights and other bargains may be possible.  These will depend upon where on is travelling from as well as the airline selected. 

Denmark and Copenhagen Attractions

Denmark is a very diverse country.  The southern portion is known for its rolling green hills as well as for cities such as Herning, Ribe and Esbjerg.  Coastal towns include Skagen, Billund and Aarhus.  There are understandably numerous attractions throughout the country.  Some of the top sights include Tivoli Gardens, Kronborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle and the Legoland Billund Resort and Theme Park.

Copenhagen is likewise an attractive city.  As it is the capital of Denmark, there are certainly a number of attractions to enjoy.  The winter residence of the queen known as Amalienborg is a fine example of traditional Danish architecture.  The fine art museum of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is a perfect retreat for the entire family when the weather outside proves to be inclement.  Langelinie is said to be the home of the fictional character “The Little Mermaid” and is thus ideal for those arriving here with small children.

It is always a great idea to check out the countless street markets that Copenhagen has to offer.  Some of these are the Copenhagen Street Food Fair, Finder's Keeper's, Loppemarkedet and the Norrebrogade Flea Market.

Hotels and Accommodations

Copenhagen is home to a number of high-class properties such as the 71 Nyhavn Hotel, Axel Hotel Guldsmeden, Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden and the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel.  Many city breaks can offer these with package holidays although it is always critical to check availability.  Those staying in other areas of Denmark will have a similar selection although it may be wise to choose boutique hotels.  These are markedly cheaper while offering a unique taste of the country.  

When to Visit

Denmark is known for its rather harsh winters.  Storms are frequent and temperatures can dip well below freezing.  The best time to visit here is therefore during the spring and summer months.  Always search for cheap flights well in advance, for this is the very same window when the majority of tourists will be arriving.  The selection of package holidays is also likely to be more diverse during the peak travel season.