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Car Hire Services

Car Hire Services: Your Guide to a Pleasant Ride

Are you looking to take the family on a holiday within the United Kingdom or to Europe?  You might instead require a reliable means of personal (and flexible) transportation for business-related purposes.  Although there are a number of options to choose from, many now employ the benefits involved with a bespoke care hire service.

The Benefits of Car Hire

The most pronounced advantage of any car hire service is the sheer level of flexibility that you can enjoy.  This could be a welcome departure from the often rigid schedules associated with other mass transit options such as trains, buses and planes.  Additionally, car hire options enable you to experience a much broader region while you are on holiday.  No longer will you be forced to remain within the confines of a specific city or the itinerary of a tour guide.  We should also keep in mind that there are a number of vehicles to choose from.  Whether you prefer a budget car, a four-door sedan or a large SUV, most companies are able to offer a wide spectrum of variants.

The Major Car Hire Providers in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers a number of unique providers although some are a bit more trustworthy than others.  It is always prudent to select a firm which has developed a firm reputation within the transportation industry and that has a number of satellite offices throughout the country.  According to the latest statistics, a handful of the top-tier organisations are:

  • Avis
  • Enterprise
  • EasyCar
  • Europcar

The major firms also boast several amenities over minor companies.  Some of these could very well include flexible payment options, all-inclusive car hire insurance, multi-lingual support and even roadside assistance.  These are all important metrics to keep in mind; especially if you are travelling to a location that you are not entirely familiar with.

Your Checklist to Keep in Mind

Now that we have seen the basics of a car hire service and some of the top providers, let's delve into a handy checklist that can help to aid you in making the correct choice.  First, you will need to take into account your budget as well as how long you intend to use the vehicle.  After this, some critical areas to clarify are:

  • Does the vehicle come with insurance or will you need to purchase a one-off plan?
  • What types of vehicles are offered?
  • Is there any type of excess coverage due when you sign the contract?
  • Does the service extend to Europe or is it only available within the United Kingdom?
  • Is the company able to provide testimonials from previous customers upon request?

Things to Look Out for When Finding a Provider

Fine print is an important detail that may signal a “red flag” in terms of the future amenities that you can expect to receive.  Always ask to carefully read the terms and conditions before committing to any such service.  If the firm is unable or unwilling to produce reviews from previous clients or their website is outdated, it could also be wise to look the other way.   Does the vehicle seem as if it were taken care of?  Are all fluids topped off and is there are full tank of petrol available when you arrive?  Be sure to check the conditions of the interior, the headlamps, the tyres, the windscreen and other areas that are subject to normal wear and tear.  If they seem to be damaged, the vehicle itself could present problems during your journey.