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Travel to Canada

Experience the Majesty and Magnificence of Canada

What comes to mind when you envision Canada? Do you imagine snow-covered plains, a host of wildlife, northern lights and untouched coastlines? If course, all of these aspects can serve to define this nation. However, there is a great deal more than meets the eye. As Canada occupies more than 9.98 million square kilometres, it is the world's second-largest country behind Russia. Over 35.5 million people call this country home and the majority tend to live in southern cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. So, what can you expect when visiting here and what must-see attractions should you try to experience for yourself? Let's take a closer look.

Canada: A Wealth of Climates

There is indeed something here for everyone in terms of climate. The northern areas are generally quite cold; even in the summer months. However, the natural beauty here abounds. On the contrary, southern regions such as those of Ontario and Quebec are known for their warm and pleasant summers; ideal if you hope to avoid the more frigid conditions. There are even some inland spots which can reach well over 40ºC during July and August! So, the myth of Canada being nothing more than a frozen wasteland has been quickly dispelled.

Where to Visit

The answer to this question will primarily revolve around how long you are planning to stay. Still, let's take a look at some of the top regions as well as what they have in store.

Vancouver is a coastal port city found in the south west portion of the country. It is currently the most populated city within the province of British Columbia, as more than 630,000 residents call Vancouver home. While the weather here can be rainy on occasion, there are still numerous sights to see. Some of these include Lion's Gate Bridge, the Millennium Gate and the massive totem poles which dominate Stanley Park.

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is arguably the most famous sight in the country. It is also said that this side offers more picturesque views when compared to its American counterpart. You can dine at a restaurant which provides you with rotating views of the swirling water below or take a look at the massive electrical generators installed by inventor Nikola Tesla more than a century ago.

Toronto is another must-see city that can be found one hour to the north of Niagara Falls via Queen Elizabeth Way (also referred to simply as the QEW). This is one of the cleanest cites on the planet and well-known locations such as the Hard Rock Cafe will provide you with a truly international flavour. There is also an historic down town district here; many of the buildings date back to the early 1800s. You do not have to be a fan of architecture to appreciate such beauty.

Visiting Montreal will provide you with a unique glimpse of the French heritage associated with Canada. However, you won't have to speak French in order to enjoy the sights and culture that this city has to offer. Some of its most famous attractions include the massive dome atop Saint Joseph's Church, the natural beauty contained within the Montreal Biodome and the Montreal Botanical Gardens. The Montreal Museum of Modern Art is likewise respected for its diverse exhibitions which change on a regular basis.

Finally, the Canadian Rocky Mountains will provide you with unparalleled views of nature that can rarely be found in other parts of the world. The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the most amazing natural parks within the country. These include Yoho National Park (that also offers up the splendid Takakkaw Falls and Banff National Park where you can get an up-close and personal view of ancient glaciers calving into the sea.

So, it is clear that Canada will offer you a host of unique options to choose from. Still, be sure to plan your itinerary accordingly in order to absorb the most during your stay without becoming too overwhelmed. It is also a good idea to take a look online for all-inclusive travel arrangements. These can save you even more money while taking much of the guesswork out of the upcoming holiday.