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Miami Holidays

Miami Holidays

Miami is located on the eastern shores of Florida within  the United States.  Known for its stunning beaches, warm climate and eclectic culture, this city has been a hotspot for decades and its popularity continues to grow.  Whether you are looking to escape the cold of northern Europe or you are planning a fast-paced tour of America, Miami is a location that is certainly not to be missed.  Let's take a look at some pertinent facts and travel information so that you can plan your upcoming holiday accordingly.  

Flying Into Miami

Most travellers will arrive here via Miami International Airport. This is currently one of the largest airports in the United States and as it is only 13 kilometres from the city centre, arriving to and from your hotel is easy.  You will be provided with a choice of rail transport, city buses, taxis and airport shuttle services.  Some of the major airlines which serve this hub include:

  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Thomson Airlines
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Jet Blue (domestic flights)

Keep in mind that this airport is quite large.  It contains three different terminals and six concourses.  It is a good idea to download a representation of the layout before you arrive.

Major Miami Attractions

The beaches here should always be mentioned first.  Due to its latitude and proximity to the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, such strips of sand are occupied throughout the year.  A handful of the most stunning locations include Miami Beach Central, Bill Baggs Cap Florida, Crandon Park Beach and Haulover Beach.  These last two are ideal to avoid the masses of tourists which usually flock to the major destinations.

There is still much more that this city has to offer than sandy shores alone.  Miami is know for its alluring urban attractions.  There are a multitude of child friendly venues such as the famous Miami Zoo, Coral Castle, the Venetian Pool, the Miami Seaquarium and Jungle Island (a private island with a plethora of exotic animals).  

One of the other benefits of Miami is that it is nestled within amazing examples of nature and some of the largest protected wetlands on the planet.  Daily excursions can allow visitors to experience the more tranquil side of this metropolitan area.  During the busier times of the year, these outings can be booked quite early.  So, it is wise to make reservations online well in advance of when you plan to depart.  This brings us to our final point.

When to Visit Miami

It is a myth to believe that Miami is all sunshine and waves.  Its location makes it a prime target for the hurricanes which tend to develop between the months of June and late September. This is also the time of the year when the temperatures here can be quite stifling and when thunderstorms can emerge much like popcorn (hence the local term “popcorn storms”).  It is a good idea to visit during the off season between October and late April.  Hotel prices will likely be cheaper and less tourists are present during this convenient window.